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Scanner Extraordinare

Thank God for children! They are the best teachers. My oldest recently taught me that I am a scanner.

I used to think something was wrong with me because I would cringe inwardly as a child, when I thought of working somewhere for 10+ years. 333 more words

Here Comes The End...Or Is It The Beginning?

Here I am, sitting in Rumors; our little coffee shop that we have all been spending our days at here in Crested Butte. The snow is falling in a beautiful haze of white and everything is calm. 391 more words

Update from last week....

I woke up this morning to a beautiful view out my window. After last week’s perpetual sunshine and blue sky it was refreshing to wake up to gray clouds and wet pavement. 127 more words


Andri Rizky Putra, Jalani SMA Hanya Setahun, Jadi Lulusan Cum Laude Fakultas Hukum UI

Andri Rizki Putra, 23, mengidamkan sistem pendidikan yang jujur. Bukan hanya berharap, dia memilih untuk mendirikan lembaga pendidikan sendiri yang mengutamakan kejujuran murid-muridnya.

Tolak Sekolah Normal karena Banyak Kecurangan, Andri Rizki Putra Giat Bangun Pendidikan Kejujuran. 1,117 more words



Love. it’s something we try to fit into a little box of what the media tells us it should be. It tells us to dismiss young love, how could it be “real”? 447 more words

Quick Update

Here I am sitting in a cute little coffee shop in downtown Crested Butte, CO. with some lovely ladies, drinking coffee and writing. Last night we finally acquired everyone who will be attendingĀ the writing retreat, in a whirlwind of beauty, love and hugs all of a sudden we were a great big family, with some amazing and loving “elders” and bunch of wonderful and beautiful writers, I’ve made new friends and reconnected with old ones and there are still so many connections needing to be made. 117 more words

The Accidental Unschooler

“What curriculum do you use?” After people learn that I homeschool, this is often their first question. I think fellow homeschoolers are looking for suggestions. As for the general public, they probably don’t know what else to say. 285 more words