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The prototype for the weapon selection wheel is almost complete, selection is there for the gamepad but not yet the mouse. When one of the bumpers on the pad or the space key on the keyboard is held the wheel will appear and time slowed to 25%, during this time the player can move (slowly) but cannot aim or shoot as we need those controls for the selection wheel, and the player can select an alternative weapon. 57 more words

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Top Down Shooter Game Update

Small video update of the game I’m making in Unreal Engine 4.

I need to change the working name for this game.

From now on it will be known as “Olde Arcade SHUMP! (WIP)”.

More exciting. Enjoy.


'Koola' Demo is Powered by The Unreal Engine 4 - Looks incredible

The last post about The Unreal Engine 4 was showing Mario running around in unreal environments with crystal clear graphics, yet again we see another amazing video powered with The Unreal Engine 4 and it’s look’s incredible. 92 more words


This Is How Incredible Mario Might Look on Nintendo's Next-Gen Console

In the past, we’ve featured a few of the most astounding Unreal Engine 4 creations we could find here on BGR, but this frighteningly realistic recreation of… 158 more words


This Version of Mario is so Unreal

A developer named Aryoksini recently uploaded a video of Mario wondering around in a world built from the Unreal Engine. The results are fantastic. It’s interesting to see a mush more realistic take on Mario. 47 more words


Strike Vector EX Trailer - Coming This Fall to PS4 [Video]

As you know, indie games don’t usually get the attention they deserve and often get brushed to the side or mentioned in a foot note. That’s a shame because there are quite a few indie games out there that are quite good and very fun. 104 more words

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Memory stomp allocator for Unreal Engine 4.

As I have been working on the memory tracking feature one of the issues I had to deal with is memory stomps. They are hard to track even with the… 1,130 more words