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The Necessity of Support Systems...Open Your Arms and Love!

Sometimes we don’t give those who matter in our lives the support they need and instead of turning to them with open arms, we turn around with closed arms and we basically just push them away. 494 more words


Can This Manuscript Be Saved?

We are going to find out. I dug out an oldie but a goodie entitled WHITE ROSES IN WINTER aka as KERRIE’S BABY circa 1996. It’s a soap opera-ish tale with lots of angst, drama, and, not surprisingly, an unplanned pregnancy. 1,467 more words


Don't Believe The Lie: Having A Kid Does Not Ruin Your Life...

I can not tell you how many times I have heard a parent reciting to their younger child that having a child would ruin their life or something along those lines but I can tell you right now that I am fed up with that lie. 835 more words


Talking About Abortion

My perception, and my passion, is talking/teaching/writing about balancing the masculine/feminine energies in each of us. And in society.

So I was pleased to be published in the latest issue of… 909 more words

Sunlight Jr (2013) Review

**Warning: Review contains slight spoilers**

“Sunlight Jr” is a 2013 film directed and written by indie filmmaker Laurie Collyer touching on themes of enduring love, trying to scrape by on near-poverty row, emotional pain, abuse and disability about a Floridian couple who, just making ends meet in barely-paying minimum wage jobs, are saddled with an unplanned pregnancy. 621 more words

Film Journalism

Premarital Boning: Before or After?

by Mahoganey Boss

From the beginning of time up to the late 1980’s, sex before marriage was frowned upon. Parents would ship their daughters away to distant relatives in other states to avoid family shame. 483 more words


What love is...

To the one who asked “How do I really know what love is?” I believe I have some light to shed on your question.

As I sit here reading your blog I share the room with two girls; an almost eleven year old who dances back and forth while repeatedly listening to her favorite songs on an I-pad, and a two year old stacking Legos. 985 more words