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The First 5 Steps

“Pregnant now what” are the exact words I typed into Google after I saw two little pink lines on December 14, 2013.

I was an unmarried recent college grad, and while I was deeply in love with Papa Cheese – and hoped for a family  585 more words


My Abortion Story

I want to begin this blog by writing about a personal experience of mine, over subject matter that is known to raise a lot of controversy. 2,011 more words

Vibrating female condom gives out orgasms like candy

This just in; a brand new heart shaped female condom that not only prevents unplanned pregnancy and STI’s – but also helps women reach orgasm. 437 more words

Femme Fatale

Life and choices

“Why didn’t you have an abortion?”

“You aren’t really going to do this are you?”

Questions like these have been asked, countless times by countless individuals, who for the most part probably are genuinely curious – but they completely rocked me to my core.

1,433 more words

Difference of Opinion (Huffington Post)

While trawling through the internet trying to find someone, anyone who had experienced something similar to what I was going through during my pregnancy I came across lots of women who, for whatever reason were unable to have children… 822 more words

Antenatal Depression

A Letter to Parents (of daughters)

Dear parents,

If your daughter comes to you, terrified, and tells you she’s pregnant, please take a moment to just…breathe.  It’s a baby, not the end of the world. 267 more words