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The question of why does someone settle in a particular place has always fascinated me. Why does a person leave their birthplace and everything they have known and move in some cases, thousands of miles to unknown cities, towns, and countries? 1,629 more words


Lines from the Tomb of an Unknown Woman by Unknown

Taken from a tomb on the Fu-Kiu mountain district of So-Chau in the Province of Kiangsu. The date of the poem is many centuries old. 110 more words


Hello world

oh hey. So uhh i dont know how this really works but yea. This is my blog. Im going to be writing new posts whenever i feel like it aha. 367 more words


“I could lose my mind here,
surrounded by quiet mountains
that seem to have a way of communicating
with one another
whenever I’m not looking.

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Opening Remarks

The King’s Diary is a public journal created by Jacksonville’s local writers and artists. It’s due to debut its first issue during OneSpark 2015 in the streets of downtown Jacksonville with only 200 paperbacks. 66 more words



Chapter One
Written by Jacob Ibrag

Through the maze of trees, she kept running.
Tears escaped her eyes and watered the land as her feet raced towards the mountain. 239 more words


Run All Night (2015) review

The latest in the increasingly frequent output of Liam Neeson led action movies, ‘Run All Night’ finds troubled hit man Jimmy (Neeson) with his loyalties caught between his son and his best friend, Shawn, a mob boss. 226 more words