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Trimester 4, Week 4 (Pitch presentation)

The response to the pitch was well received as our group agreed to share two options of what we want to achieve in this production. We weren’t challenged in any area from either our facilitators or fellow students yet I had a feeling that there were many people that didn’t want to be there that day, so responses were quite dim. 227 more words

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Where's Waldo (Read: Which Coffee Shop Is Kyle In Today)?

So…. I have an addiction to Viet Coffee. There’s the caramel, the dark roast, the one mixed with chocolate, the ice-blended chocolate, the ice blended regular.   218 more words

Roommates! #2 (FINDING OUT)

I received information about my roommates, FINALLY.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

I’m in a double room with one other girl! She seems quite nice, shy like I seem to be before I open up out of my shell. 213 more words

Trimester 4, Week 3 (Live Audio)

I believe that the skills that I have learnt during the live audio classes has improved my music production incredibly. With the realisation of the responsiveness in low frequencies it has driven me to focus on my basslines and how they sit within my mixes. 252 more words

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Trimester 4, Week 2 (Live Audio)

A key valuable that I learnt during the second week of live audio was the response time between each speaker and how to apply a delayed compensation in order for a clearer stereo image. 182 more words

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Welcome to The College Expo

Are you a high school student? Are you already a college student? Are you thinking about going to college or going back to college?

There are over 3,000 colleges in the U.S and even more overseas! 105 more words


History Professor Will Include 'Trigger Warnings' for 'Upsetting Material,'

More pussification of America. If a student will be so offended by reading about history, maybe they shouldn’t take a history class.

The teacher also relentlessly attacks republicans on twitter and implies that any right-leaning person is a potential terrorist. 55 more words