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Gender Inequality within the Journalism Industry

“The media is the message and the messenger, and increasingly a powerful one,” says Patricia Mitchell

Although it’s an issue that has become an increasingly popular debate, inequality still exists in today’s society, especially within the… 239 more words


beautiful blogs :: misadventures with awards 

So I’ve been nominated for the ‘beautiful blogger award’ by In Which Helen – I suppose it’s more of a tag than an award, as those nominated must then nominate more bloggers and so on and so on. 499 more words


The Death of Journalism?

“Journalism is a dying art.”

Over the last few years, most people will have heard this said at least once. So then why is it that still so many young adults are choosing to pursue a career in journalism? 498 more words


i am now working as a tutor who teaches other students subjects such as math. i type informally, but i am actually a student at a top university.

are you surprised? ^^


Personal update

So I haven’t written anything overly personal on here in awhile and kind of want to tell you what i’ve been up to.

College is wrapping up, One more essay to hand in and a few resubmissions and my course will be complete. 520 more words


Famagusta, Cyprus; One Sound Concert/Bir Ses Konseri

Dance, drama, poetry
Lots and lots of awesome music
This is the ultimate Eastern Mediterranean University shutdown and it’s absolutely free!
Come let’s have fun and then have even more fun… 8 more words