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CV Revised.

Relevant Changes to CV

For the ‘Work Experience’ part of my CV I have updated the type of work experience that appears within this part, mainly to make sure that all the work that is listed is both relevant and shows the potential employer the kind of job areas I am interested in working within. 125 more words


CV Improvement.

Improving and Developing the CV

A Curriculum Vitae is the most important document in your professional life. It will present you and your achievements to a potential employer, telling them everything they need to know about you professionally, as well as getting to understand the personal aspects important to the job role you seek. 278 more words


Gillmot Crafts.

Networking with Mixed Media Outlets

‘Gillmot Crafts’ is a small local craft shop that has recently opened in my hometown. They sell types of material, things to sew, machines and things they have made in the shop. 221 more words


Edinburgh - Gallery Viewing.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Stills Gallery

Our university set up a trip the Edinburgh to see the work of Mikhael Subotzky, among visiting other galleries within the city centre that were available to view on the day such as the Stills Gallery. 918 more words


Format - Day Two.


The second day of Format was my favourite of the two days we spent there. We had chance to spend all day at the different venues, which meant there was more time to see lots of artists work. 884 more words


The Worlds Stupidest Decision!

There is a place in Lancaster which is very dear to my heart. If you head up the hill out of town, up a path where I one of my fondest memories is walking home one day from rehearsals in the dark, smelling the cut grass and feeling so peaceful and happy in a tech week for a show, you will find tucked away at the back of the University of Cumbria’s Bowerham Road campus is the Black Box Studio Theatre. 669 more words


Alumni Spotlight: Abigail Ede

Abigail Ede, Class of 2010, PGCE Early Years

Abigail is a year 1 class teacher at the Nord Anglia School in Dubai. Her teaching career has taken her from the UK, to Beijing, now to Dubai and next onto Hong Kong! 239 more words