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Accountant warns Class of 2015 may be most indebted yet

WATCH ABOVE: Many post-secondary students turn to loans to help them get through, and as Vinesh Pratap reports, the debt is growing higher than ever. 297 more words


Scientists Capture Knuckle Crack On MRI, Solve Cracking Debate

Are you a knuckle cracker?!  Or are you the person that cringes at the sound and hastily assures all crackers that they’ll have arthritis for the rest of eternity for doing so? 54 more words


Sick coyotes more likely to find their way into communities: University of Alberta research

Some might consider them pests, but new research from the University of Alberta has found that residents in Edmonton are more likely to encounter sick or feeble coyotes than their healthy counterparts. 302 more words


University of Alberta is reporting

that the knuckle-kracking mystery is solved! Read and learn about  the “Pull my finger study” and Jerome Fryer, the chiropractor that can krack knuckles on demand, … 8 more words


Canadian gender equality under threat from ‘society of immigration’: Former PM Kim Campbell

EDMONTON — Former prime minister Kim Campbell told a University of Alberta audience Wednesday the equality of women is a Canadian value that has found little purchase in a “society of immigration.” 340 more words


Thursday's reasons to fear for humanity: What Justin really meant to say was 'no'

1. Just to clarify what I meant by “um, gee, I don’t know”

Justin Trudeau clarifies his position on coalition possibilities, saying he is absolutely “unequivocally” opposed to a Liberal-NDP government, whether it’s with Mulcair or not-Mulcair, or even someone who looks like Mulcair but isn’t Mulcair. 817 more words

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U of A researchers use MRI to uncover the science of knuckle-cracking

EDMONTON – A team of crack researchers finally may have solved the mystery of knuckle-popping.

In a study published Wednesday, University of Alberta scientists describe how modern imaging technology has shed new light on the age-old riddle of why some joints crack when you pull them. 506 more words