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How to Stay Busy During a Long Vacation

Some people are perfectly happy spending years doing just about, well, nothing. But, for me, the limit is somewhere around two-three weeks. Once that limit is reached, I start to get  671 more words


3rd July 2015

I got a letter through today announcing that I was officially able to progress onto the second year as I had passed everything!

It’s so weird to think that I am going onto my second year, when I didn’t even believe I was smart enough to go to university, and that my anxiety would make it never happen as I was too scared to leave the comfort of home. 187 more words

letting go and making space :: meandering towards 'minimalism'

Every year, when I come home from boarding school or from university, whether it’s a short holiday or a lengthy, summer break, I have this compulsion to declutter, declutter, declutter. 549 more words


Freshers + Travelling = Unhappy Bank Account + Great Memories

What. A. Crazy. Year.

Back in September I was busy contracting a severe bout of fresher’s flu (in which I couldn’t move my head in any direction too quickly otherwise I was almost certain my brain would fall out of my head. 708 more words


My Journey From 0 to Cloud 9 and Back Again in Less Than 10 Minutes...

I’m a dual British/Australian citizen and on Monday I head back to Australia after a three year absence to see some of my old friends, and do a bit of travelling. 509 more words


Dorm Room Fight

Well, as you know I am headed off to college in August, I am really excited about this step. What is really awesome is that my niece is already attending that same college! 304 more words



Et voila! Three years of hard work, tears, tantrums, screaming and laughter to be celebrated with a single glass of Prosecco over lunch. If you didn’t get the twitter memo, I received my undergraduate degree result on Monday. 140 more words