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“Music is a moral law.It gives soul to the universe,wings to the mind,flight to the imagination,and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”-Plato.

The Truth is Out There

We don’t know anything about the universe beyond the physical, and even then we know very little. All any of us can do is try to make sense of the little that we know in order to try and find meaning in our lives. 132 more words


Just look

Everything that exists is so beautiful. Everything small, everything big…so incredibly beautiful. The little ants that crawl on your table, the bees buzzing by, the lions with their roars and the planets with all their mysteries. 67 more words

Declaration of Balance

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A Declaration of Balance

We are the children of Divine Balance and we are no longer afraid of the dark. 368 more words


Questions and Insights | Quote

”There are no answers in the Universe. Only questions and insights.”

Charlie Bradford 2015

Stay Inspired, and Live Life Alive!

Your World

You enter into this world alone.
You are born in a burst of light,
Onto an earth you could have walked before.
Yet your own legs are unfamiliar… 222 more words

Galactiquest! Synopsis

Every planet, solar system , galaxy and Universe has a champion, and, ultimately, every champion has a crude master behind them , giving orders.

These champions are chosen by combat for political purposes. 96 more words