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Intimidating (novel 1 excerpt)

She was pretty. Beautiful even. I could see what he saw in her, before she went dark. She was tall, slim, had that hourglass curve to her body that men seemed to love. 47 more words


#SCIENCE AND #SPACE: Does The Earth Have A Second Moon?

According to Duncan Forgan, a researcher at the University of St. Andrews, it has. He has recently wrote about an object called 3753 Cruithe, which he refers to as the “second moon”. 56 more words

Science And Space

You Are Here

You are HERE.

Not over there

or over there

or even over there.

You are here.

And there is purpose in that.

God is looking at His map of the world… 276 more words

What if...

Just below is extract from “The Fine Art of Baloney detection” by Carl Sagan. It is somehow both comforting and deeply disturbing. I don’t believe in life after death, but for some reason I can’t let this go. 291 more words

Random Rants

The Universe in 10 Features: 8. Population I Stars

One of the fundamental laws of the universe is the conservation of Energy. Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, and all is transformed. And so the death of the original stars brought forth new stars which then died again, adding heavier elements than hydrogen to the composition of the universe. 206 more words


Why Do So Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

Check out this fantastic article from National Geographic Magazine, exploring the many nuanced ways that people think about science as a credible source of information, or not. 13 more words


Nous n'avion pas encore le temp ~ 3 Minutes Sur Mer

Samuel Cajal and Guilhem Valayé are 3 Minutes Sur Mer and this track, Nous n’avions pas encore le temps (We don’t have time), is from their debut album…

88 more words