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feeling the rhythm of life
deeply loving the beautiful connections
surrounding me with each step
my amazing sons, my loving friends
I am blessed

loving the cardinals, the blue jays, the robins… 67 more words

I in the Universe.

Who am I, and what is the universe?

With some training, I’ve learned that I can see illness, health and all the happinesses with a quick scan of a body part, because everything large is contained in everything small, once you start looking. 459 more words


Neil deGrasse Tyson drops some cosmic facts on snapchat

Neil deGrasse Tyson responds to questions on snapchat that involve outer space and aliens.


Universal Guidance

Have you ever wondered if the universe hears your silent pleas for direction? In my experience I can tell you that’s a big 10-4.

Life has presented me with a multitude of scenarios where I’ve had to stop and ask for guidance. 335 more words



The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:39pm

I’m seeing The Universe again

this time on the behind

of My Navy Blue Long Johns

static-y with cat hair

globules of fuzz, lint

& God knows what all

#universe #formation #theory #whatif

What if time weren’t actually time? It probably isn’t because a day doesn’t really last 24 hours and a year doesn’t really last for 365 and a quarter days and there’s no saying that time actually exists as an entity, even if that is hard to believe. 96 more words