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The Law of Attraction - Know What You Want From The Universe

Last night had a great time with my friend. Drank Sangria and watched the rain from her balcony, and talked relentlessly about life and art. As always I didn’t initiate this meeting, but my friend thought that I’m having too much alone time, therefore forced me to catch up. 269 more words



I felt compelled to take this picture and send it to a friend of mine today, and when I say “compelled”, I mean, I was prompted by something beyond me to do it, and I know enough now that when you’re asked to give a message, you do it, otherwise, you’re going to get your sleeve tugged relentlessly until you do. 513 more words

Musings And Personal


The world opens up to you
when those consuming thoughts become focused on a single task.

When the overwhelming, emotional hysteria is transfigured into an awareness of the present moment; a current of elevated consciousness- 15 more words

The Arrogance of Self Doubt....

I like so many others on this planet, suffer a horrible affliction.  The affliction of self doubt.

Self doubt prevented me from picking up a camera and pursuing my passion of photography for over 3 decades.   482 more words

Empowering Thought

Apparently fate felt tempted

I’m starting a new week in the waiting to hear from several interviews. Yee haw. Meanwhile I have managed to tempt fate, it seems, with my typing of thoughts like, “I’ve hit bottom” and generally musing that other than becoming homeless it can’t get much worse for me. 282 more words


The poem is originally published at Muslim Words blog.

What has stopped man from asceticism O Lord!
For whom the universe cries he is that one, 54 more words


Words have meaning and names have power

Picking a name is probably the first and foremost task when giving something an identity. You want to pick something fitting yet appealing. The first part of the name Rainbow rhomBus is pretty apparent yet there is still meaning behind it. 380 more words