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The Haggadah as Metaphor

As Passover approaches, our minds turn to the Haggadah, the book of “retelling” our people’s mythical history, our experience of when we were slaves in Egypt. 543 more words


The View from Yuggoth

Welcome, students, welcome! Please find a place to rest your legs, claws, other appendages. Today’s lecture: “Memetic Metrology of Religions of the Homeworld of R’yleh”, a planet sometimes known as Earth. 896 more words

Post-Election Post: The Key to Understanding Netanyahu’s Ascent in the Last Few Days of the Campaign

The key to understanding what happened here in the last few days, mainly the last one, before the Israely elections last week, is identity. That’s the word, that’s what counts. 2,979 more words


Curious goings on in England

Discussion between a radio presenter and the Bishop of Leicester about a person who has been dead 530 years

Presenter: “Is he forgiven, Bishop?”

Bishop “Of course he is forgiven. 431 more words



Answer :  Hyper-grace.

Some nutty quotes from the peanut gallery, I’ve added underlining for emphasis :

The Gospel is the glad and merry news that God is good, he loves you, and he will happily give up everything he has so he can have you…God is not mad at you.

336 more words

Why I Chose Colossians 1 For My Main Page

It has been a long time since I discussed this verse (passage) of Scripture so I just wanted to add a short post for the benefit of a few readers that I believe can use it most. 640 more words


Universal Salvation: Drawing ALL people?

Sermon for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

The text is John 12:20-33.


As promised in the sermon, here are some key biblical passages in favor of both Particularism (God will save some) and Universalism (God will save all). 23 more words