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You got the choice
Always the choice
All is set up
For your growth and your health

You are my dream
Always my dream
You cannot tell… 291 more words

Universal Truth

Discussion... Intuition, Manifestation, Mysticism

A client asked me to elucidate the differences between Intuition and Manifestation this week… which led me to Mysticism. Here are the insights received from my Guides, with summary of my own conclusions. 594 more words


Disney Sweetheart

I don’t care about the limelight
Since you came into my life
It’s an odd feeling for me
I’m so used to the dark side… 229 more words

Universal Truth

D.I.Y. Therapy: RELAX! You Can't Have Everything

I want everything in life! I want to experience it all, be a part of everything, learn everything. So I spent most of my life doing what I could to get it all. 358 more words

D.I.Y. Therapy


While on this Earth, leave a mark,

Not a stain.



Where is the Mind?

The mind is not in the head.

~ Francisco J. Varela



You’re so pretty
Your eyes are like green emeralds, your lips I want to bite them
Must be dreaming
With that gorgeous body and that shiny soul… 151 more words

Universal Truth