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Tectonic Plates.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” -Rumi

I woke up today thinking about tectonic plates. My sleep was shallow and restless and I had hazy dreamy thoughts about how, when pressure builds beneath the earth’s surface, something has to give – whether it’s in the form of an earthquake, volcano eruption, or something else. 471 more words



“March 20 could be the most intense day this year.”

 This equinox eclipse will be a global tipping point. Re establishing balance to the scale. In order to help this globally I suggest you tend the garden of self, colleagues, friends and family first.

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Happiness Comes From Within

At the root of any desire
is the belief
that if we get the thing we want
it will make us happy.

But we fool ourselves with this belief. 222 more words


Explaining our Lives Away

Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Words. Your pain will be ending soon. Words. Words. Words. Words Words. Words. Words. 902 more words


Invisible Warriors, Meet the Millennials

I’m inspired to state the obvious today. Life is friggin’ weird right now, and it’s pretty great too. Egoic, fear-based definitions, rules, and identities are fading, and thankfully losing all meaning and power.  1,002 more words


You Are What You Believe: How to Realize Change in Your Life for the Better

Our personal beliefs form the internal and external context of our lives. Beliefs are perhaps the most powerful force in the world. On a global scale, belief systems cause cultures to draw boundaries, ideologies to clash, and wars to be fought. 1,342 more words