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Militants Take Control Of Libya Oilfields

Rebel militants have taken control of the Bahi oil station and the Mabrouk oilfield, both of which had been empty after staff were evacuated earlier in the year, in Libya. 101 more words


Netanyahu's Congress Speech on Iran Would "Make Orwell Turn in his Grave"

Is the Republican party a modern day manifestation of biblical slavery? Seemingly unaware of all the problems at home, Republicans unapologetically finance Netanyahu’s political ambitions. 23 more words

België moet vol inzetten op multilaterale samenwerking

Eerst verschenen in Mo* Magazine (online).

België moet vol inzetten op multilaterale samenwerking

Drie miljard euro investeren in hernieuwbare, lokale energiebronnen in België geeft mogelijk een betere return-on-security dan nieuwe gevechtsvliegtuigen. 538 more words

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United Nations: #UN proposes Bhopal contamination probe

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has offered to investigate the spread of toxic waste in the aftermath of the Bhopal disaster, a methyl isocyanate gas leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, that occured in 1984. 36 more words


Netanyahu Maps Iranian Terror Network For Upcoming Speech To Congress

Jewish Press: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pulled out a map at his address to AIPAC Monday to show how the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist network is threatening the world. 98 more words

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Air pollution will kill hundreds of thousands in Europe, EEA warns.

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans will suffer a premature death in the next two decades as the result of governments’ failure to act on air pollution, Europe’s environmental watchdog has warned. 122 more words


Why You Should Care About Human Rights

The other day, I was browsing around one of my favorite used book stores. It had been far too long since I had been there and I spent a good hour or so weaving my way through the shelves, breathing in the smell of printed paper. 886 more words

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