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The Forgotten Bones of Magic

A friend’s comment on a piece I posted yesterday planted the seed that grew into the poem I’ve shared below. It may need some more revision, but here’s what I discovered so far. 127 more words


The seven types of graduate student applicant

Yes, it’s that time of year again.

  1. Hide and Seek: Contacts you every day about the status of their application, then goes on radio silence the moment they receive an offer, never to be heard of again.
  2. 235 more words

Sharp. Shiny. Lethal.

Dull hum of engine. Wind blowing through my hair. Smell of sweat and booze. A wet brush in my mouth. My aching head.

I become aware. 6,239 more words

Short Story


Do you ever get those days where you are so bored, that you just sit around scrolling through your phone. Or that you just sit thinking I need to do something but you never know what. 68 more words