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Unicorn vs Cyclops

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The Unicorn used to be on the same level as Cyclops, but things have changed since then. While the Unicorn is a powerful villain, Cyclops once gained the powers of Phoenix. 40 more words


Riding a Unicorn

I have a friend who is pretty strict about what she lets her eat and drink, but the other night she tried her first taste of cool aid. 13 more words

Kid Talk

SOB, I don't have a unicorn on my lawn

I read this article some time ago and it’s resonated with me because I agree with his perspective and in the midst of changing my career, it hits home. 782 more words


Your chances of becoming a unicorn? Just over 1%

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

The Social Network is a pretty silly movie. But in addition to be being beautifully shot the film also captured — and probably helped create — the new obsession with starting not just a successful business, not just a wildly successful business, but a stupidly ridiculously successful business worth a billion dollars. 328 more words


Green Fairy Cometh: pg 13

Amy tells Gelding about Fort’s apology letter. Gelding aint moved.

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Profane Comics


Best friends forever.

Cute little pink unicorn meets zebra! They are ready for hugs and playtime.