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The Horse Whisperer 2

“What would you like to see?” she asked. Her name was Ummu, a management graduate and the eldest daughter. I was tempted to answer : A glorious path that may lead to sustainable happiness. 679 more words


Small Gold Unicorn Ring

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

Help Or Harm

Have you ever not known for sure if too much is too much?
If you’ve butted into someone’s business too indepthly that it is slowly sabotaging your own daily life? 47 more words

Paying It Forward

Earlier this month, I was on my way to the library with a stack of UN Archives request forms, to take the final step of entering the data into the computer and sending it to the archivists in New York. 392 more words

United Nations

Coming across Libertas.

I had rushed out of the old, worn-out trunk overcome with a looming sense of doom as that dark hallway always provides. There was a world I needed to visit to explore a part of me that I’m uncomfortable with, so that already shook me up. 763 more words


The Lion and the Unicorn in Dublin

“Well, now that we have seen each other,” said the Unicorn, “if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you. Is that a bargain?”

44 more words
Black And White Challenges


For the last several nights I have slept under the watchful eye of my Familiar, Flurry. Each night is the same. I sink into a darkness that takes away all pain. 808 more words

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