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Foggy brain

At the moment, my life seems super busy yet super boring at the same time. My mind is clouded with everything on my plate from simple tasks like doing laundry, to my big (and way too close) deadline for my summer teaching job. 1,012 more words


My Volunteering Experience.

I have been a volunteer since the age of 16. As soon as I was old enough I jumped onto the bandwagon of giving my time to others and causes that mattered most to me. 354 more words


The CASS Exhibition 2015

I took a quick look around the CASS yesterday afternoon. The work on show was substantial and of a very high quality. The amount of hours of work that had been put into the year by the students was obvious. 68 more words


Prompt of the day: Stopwatch

So, since I’m a lazy human, I’ve started this idea where I write (mitigation word: try) everyday (mitigation phrase: at least regularly). Here’s a prompt inspired by my current desktop wallpaper that is also the current header of this website. 1,167 more words


New Beginnings.

Today I moved (most) of my stuff into my new house for second year. Not halls, not a flat this year.. an actual house that I’m renting. 201 more words

Growing Up and Growing Up Fast

At the risk of this post becoming a bit of a diary entry, I will try to get to the point and not just natter on about myself. 1,085 more words