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One question, so many alterations.

It’s coming close to the final stages of our group assignment – the questionnaires and the focus groups! In our tutorial, my group and I decided to road-test some questions to see if anyone in our tutorial could find any problems with one of our major questions. 395 more words



so I haven’t posted in what feels like forever and very nearly is! I feel so guilty about it but just haven’t had any time, I enjoy blogging so much but life just gets in the way sometimes. 63 more words

Fun or sad times? 

So in September I’m going to uni (if I pass) and its a three and a half hour drive away.

Which is what I wanted, beck last September when I applied. 117 more words

Incorperating New Material Into My Work

In the run up to creating my final outcome I have decided to add anew material into the design of the piece; clear plastic, I have worked with this material before and I really liked how it obscured the subject matter of my images, for example when photographing the mannequin head I wanted to cover the head so I chose a plastic bag; this turned out to be very successful as it obscured the facial features some that allowing the audience to question what was inside. 130 more words

YOLO and solo travelling

It’s time to analyse a second text for BCM210! Get your critical analysis caps on, and let’s do this.

This time I’m using a travel post on the new youth travel website AWOL. 361 more words


Presenting Old Work

I decided to look back at some of my previous successful pieces of work that I feel I could work with more and spend more time thinking of ways of presenting the pieces.  255 more words


Hey there, my name is Alanna and I’m an aspiring war historian. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be saying that. But that’s the beauty of life; it’s a series of contradictions and unexpected events. 273 more words