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Tips for Student Life

Disclaimer: I am in no way the perfect student so when it comes to these “tips” there are probably better ones. These are things I have merely picked up along the way through mistakes and other peoples mistakes. 1,368 more words

Adele Louise

Weird feeling

Recently I have been having a weird feeling.

I really want to go to uni to get a degree and have fun with new people, but I really don’t want to go…. 36 more words

Session One Comes To a Close (Or: Why I'm Not Knitting Much)

You’d think, as this is my second degree, I’d have it all figured out.

I’d have worked out the appropriate balance between revision, working on projects, cooking, cleaning, and knitting. 907 more words


Where Worlds Collide - Summer 2015

I’m a country boy, I live in the back-ass of East Cork in a little village called Ballymacoda. Never heard of it? I’d be surprised if you had. 886 more words


Everythings changing and I don't feel the same.

This time last year I was going into my final A level exams. I was stressed and worried sick that my dream of going to uni was not going to happen. 228 more words


University Room Tour

With only a few weeks left, and my room pretty clean for once I wanted to document where I spent my first year as a university student. 281 more words