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I am┬ábeing forced to go for a company team-building thingy over the weekend. It wouldn’t be too bad, if it wasn’t in Malaysia at some cheap resort. 168 more words


The World War III - Happy V/s Unhappy

Everyone experiences an unhappy mood or an unhappy occasion, but there is a big difference between people experiencing a short time of unhappiness and people who live with it throughout. 317 more words


This is Me

I wish I can say I am happy but then that would be a lie.

Been in search of personal sanity for quite sometime now seems like it’s a very expensive thing to have. 190 more words


Roxy Love

Luscious lips that I kiss.
I just wanted you to want me.
So foreign we are, one of a kind.
So it bloomed behind me. 141 more words


I should be brimming with glee when the sun rises today but when I opened my eyes, I was just flooded with fear and mournfulness. 310 more words


Unhappy Eyes

Unhappy Eyes, See the world for what it is.

To choose between our perception of right and wrong.

Fearing neglect and deception.

Loathing the satisfied. 103 more words