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Ever get that feeling

Ever get that feeling that you’ve made a mistake? A big one?
I know I have, I’ve got it now.

Eighteen months ago it dawned onallatsea that being a MWS was not for him anymore. 295 more words


In the hospital...

Yesterday I had my appointment with my high risk OB. The ultrasound went great. Baby is doing very well. Measuring a full month ahead in size. 352 more words

Adolescent Angst

Dear Connoisseur of Love,

I am a teenager who went through some emotional stuff a couple of years ago. It was horrible. My parents thought it was just a phase, so I had to deal with it myself until it got better. 246 more words

The Connoisseur Of Love

Rejuvenate Your Life

Dear Connoisseur of Love, I am a middle-aged woman in my 40s. I have been married twice. Both marriages ended in divorce. I have a teen-age daughter from my first marriage. 206 more words

The Connoisseur Of Love

WTH Wordpress!!! What were you thinking?? Worst update ever!

Ok so this is my first rant about wordpress and I hope will be the last. seriously I’m not a whiner or just being annoying. I usually just take changes on wordpress acceptable as long as writing on mobile is not a pain in the ass and easy to navigate until just now. 391 more words


Brainy Quotes

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy, it is what you think about.” 7 more words


Where am I?

My life feels empty. This place leaves me feeling like an apathetic body in a dark hole. It doesn’t matter how many anti depressants I take or how many times I change my medication, I think this place will leave me feeling this way no matter what. 46 more words