Cities of Eastern Europe - Tallinn

Back at street level we wandered down the delightful St Catherine’s Passage in between fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth century buildings where artisans and craftsmen and women were preserving medieval crafts such as glass blowing, intricate iron work, jewellery and leather work. 54 more words


The Lonely Castle in the Middle of the Desert

In the desert landscape of northeastern Saudia Arabia you will find Qasr al-Farid aka “The Lonely Castle”. Built in the first century A.D. the Lonely Castle… 166 more words


UNESCO Open Access publications

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has made thousands of publications freely available online.

The UNESCO Open Access Policy begins with this quote from the… 139 more words

Open Access


  1. Have you heard of UNESCO?
  2. Do you know what UNESCO does?

Most people will answer yes to the first question, but some might hesitate on the second question. 248 more words

Art Education

Just back from...the Most Remote Place in the World: Easter Island - Rapa Nui

Easter Island or Rapa Nui in its native language is a fabulous destination.  It is unlike any other place in the world because of its distance from any other place. 388 more words


Local traditions & cultures, Bali

Although I’m Chinese, this was my first time going this far to Southeast Asia. I was surprised to see how different Indonesia is from China. Unlike cities in China, the island of Bali is not industrial or modern at all. 142 more words