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This is how it works

So really, this is how it works. I start a new job then the other offers follow. If you’ve read the other posts, you’d know that I hope for the receptionist one. 331 more words

RIP Julia Kelly: Another Tragic Suicide After DWP Threats

A woman who founded a charity to help people suffering with chronic pain committed suicide after a battle to claim disability benefits ended with the DWP demanding that she repay £4000 in backdated payments. 274 more words


I'm No Friggin' Mary Poppins AKA: When Writer's Block Suggests To Friends And Family You're In Dire Financial Need

I like to keep it pretty positive, but there’s something I need to address. This isn’t just for my sake, this is for all of my friends and the friends I have yet to meet who have started their own business. 454 more words

Intestines in My Hands!

I’ve never actually had intestines in my hands….I saw it on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy….but the following did actually happen this week….which I feel is kind of the equivalent: 307 more words


5 Annoying Frustrations Of Job Hunting That Make You Want To Scream

1. Job-hunting can break a person down

Job-hunting is a beast. You’re in the same boat as me if you’re going through a midlife crisis in your late twenties because you basically screwed around in your earlier twenties. 516 more words

The art of dressing for a job interview

The outfit you wear to a job interview is KEY. It is going to be the one major thing that contributes to your first impression with a potential employer, and baby, first impressions are hard to fix if you fuck them up. 952 more words


The Summer of a Unemployed Part-Time Worker

The start of the summer of 2014 was very promising to me. I had recently been hired (on the spot) at a really easy frozen yogurt job and I had my 5 good friends to make memories with. 427 more words