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Thankfully, not too old to flirt...Right?!?!

While on vacation, one night I ate at a bar and after eating, a couple of guys sat down next to me. The first 3 comments that came out of one of the guy’s mouth were: 349 more words

So I lost my job which has been giving me a lot of anxiety. Not having an income makes me nervous and just over all uneasy. 297 more words

The waiting game

I finally heard back from one of my interviewers. They reviewed the task I submitted and asked me in for a face to face interview. So I’m 1 out of 2 for jobs I’ve heard back from. 211 more words

Person To Self

How 2 Get Employed: Follow Ur Dreamz!

If only it was that simple, hey? I think we can all agree that it most certainly is not.

I’ve been waiting a while to write this post because, well, I needed a job to justify it really. 1,512 more words


Running away

My friend Lynda has been saving her running away money since she got married thirty years ago. She’s fifty now and still hasn’t gone further than Galway for a weekend with the girls. 502 more words

Work Club Guide

At our ACT Centres we operate weekly Work Clubs offering support to those out of work to help them learn new skills and gain employment. 166 more words

Adult Learning

It's Not You - It's Business

The past few months at our mickey mouse law firm (MM) had been all about  debt collecting from clients, drafting ceasing to act letters and caveats over clients’ property and observing paralegals dropping like flies. 356 more words