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Three Ways To Understand (2015)

1. Look.
2. Listen.
3. Have it explained.
Without fail-
Detail to detail.


Chasing God - by Angie Smith (A book review)

I have to tell you that I don’t know where to begin with this review. Angie states that we are predisposed to see things from the angle that makes us feel the most vulnerable. 604 more words

Journey Of Change

"Change is the rule, but not the ruler......"

When I need inspiration – I write. I need to be in a space I can really feel and be on my own. I’ve learnt this from many unproductive hours sat in the wrong spaces. 1,003 more words

Chinese Whispers

For the umpteenth time, my words were misconstrued and I was beginning to think that I lead a team of morons who needed guidance every step of the way. 222 more words


Bildad wants Job to consider his ancestors (Job 8:8-8:10)

“For inquire now of bygone generations.

Consider what their ancestors have found.

We are but of yesterday.

We know nothing,

Our days on earth are a shadow. 88 more words

QlikDevGroup: Henric Cronström - Under the Hood


The last QlikDevGroup event in London on the 11th June 2015 gave some great presentation on QlikView. None so great as the ones delivered by Henric Cronström. 65 more words



I feel like writing letters lately.

I’d write letters for past loves and write down my true feelings, then  I would purposely bump into them and hand them said parchment. 212 more words