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Catching Balloons: Living with anxiety

Imagine this:

You’re standing in an open field, there is nothing else around you, just grass and open sky. Oh, and the balloons of course. A large circle of different coloured, bright, squishy balloons. 373 more words

Identity Musings

Greater Heart

Open your heart
I remember those words
See, I was doing what I thought
I had to do to keep going on this journey
Push everything to the back and keep going… 64 more words


Kittens Who Can't Let Go Of Their Toy - GawkUpon

There is still much to understand about animal behavior but you can’t help but find their antics amusing like these kittens who can’t let go of their toy.


Đến phút cuối rồi mà vẫn chỉ bị đáp trả bằng những lạnh lùng.. có ai như tôi không?
Cô bé ấy bảo tôi mất nhiều, thời gian, nụ cười và cả những thương yêu.. 160 more words


In the Way

Max always seems to find the one place where he will be most in the way. He especially employs this practice when I am cooking. My kitchen is pretty small so laying anywhere in there is more or less in the way, but he seems to find the exact spot where I need to stand. 523 more words

I'm only responsible

I’m only responsible for what i say not for what you understand…