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Refined Learning Academy .... where learning leads to a brighter future

Unit 7, 40 Victoria Street, Midland, WA 6056         Phone: 0448 966 998
Email: refinedlearning@gmail.com                   

Charges are generally $30/hour.     Small groups for individualised learning pathways.

Babies/Toddlers… 239 more words


Scabbing: alive and kicking in Canada

Who’d have thought that polite Canadians would be the first to bust their TA unions? 242 more words


See the bigger picture with commercial awareness

Without realising it, many students are taking part in activities that harness their employability. The art of picking out the most relevant experiences and presenting them to a potential employer in both an interesting and individual way is however, another ball game. 346 more words

Transformation from Undergraduate to Professional - the Ups and Downs

When I was finishing up my last semester in college, I was also part-time working at Archer, where I am now full-time working the same position. 282 more words


Office Hours

As soon as I hit submit yesterday I realised exactly what I wanted to write about. I think the crux of my peeve with students asking me to meet them outside of seminar and my designated office hour is that I feel I’ll lose whatever semblance of power and authority that I have. 483 more words

Using social media to improve the student experience: creating a departmental back channel for undergraduates

A few years ago when I was running the Twitter feed for the Sociology department at Warwick, I noticed how readily first year undergraduates tweeted practical questions to the account during their first few weeks of the first term. 304 more words

Women in IT. Is the tide finally turning?

Regular readers will know that I have written long and often about the shortage of women in technology and what needs to be done to attract a more balanced workforce. 975 more words

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