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Celebrating Our 2015 Graduates...And Their Shoes

On Sunday, June 14, PSU held its university-wide 2015 Spring Commencement Ceremonies. I attended ten ceremonies throughout the week, and witnessed great excitement, joy and recognition at each. 567 more words

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Undergrads Say the Darndest Things

I promised funny last week and didn’t deliver, I will not fail my audience of 3 people (a generous estimation) like that again. Without further blather, the best – and generalised, for anonymitiy (not that names were on scripts or that I’d know more than my 22 of the 346 student cohort regardless) – of first year English Literature exams for 2015. 1,591 more words

Adam Rauff awarded Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) grant

Bioengineering undergraduate student, Adam Rauff was awarded a 2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) grant. Adam will be working with Dana Carpenter, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, on a project titled, “Investigating the Effects of Weight-Bearing Function on Bone Microstructure.” The research delves into the function of osteocytes (mature bone cells) and their mechanosensory properties. 106 more words


From UF to Michigan to Stanford to an NSF Research Fellowship

Xavier Monroe, who graduated from UF in 2013, is the recent recipient of a highly competitive National Science Foundation Research Fellowship. Mr. Monroe went on to earn a master’s in education leadership and policy at the University of Michigan, and is now continuing his studies at the PhD level at Stanford University. 237 more words


PODCAST PART TWO: How do undergrads plan on staying involved post-graduation?

Part two of this podcast features two interviews, one with Paul Biagas, the Vice President of Operations of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. at the University of Iowa and Kelsey Trejo, who was previously the President of Alpha Epsilon Phi at the University of Iowa. 45 more words

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George Will: Punishing parents who deviate from the government-enforced norm

Washington Post — Controversies about “free-range parenting” illuminate today’s scarred cultural landscape. Neighbors summon police in response to parenting choices the neighbors disapprove. Government extends its incompetence with an ever-broader mission of “child protection.” And these phenomena are related to campus hysteria about protecting infantilized undergraduates from various menaces, including uncongenial ideas. 80 more words


I Can't Draw

The election results are in and with about 24% approval rating the Tories are back in. Well, if you take into account only 66% of registered voters actually voted. 264 more words