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Creative industries work this way, too. No screenwriter wants to admit that her new movie script simply rehashes what has already been done before. Rather, the pitch is: ‘This film will combine various exciting elements in entirely new ways.’

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“There’s that sound again”, Martin whispered to himself as he was trying to sleep with the lights off and in his blanket. He had been hearing the growling sound in his room every night for two months now. 729 more words

Under The Sun

From the Hands of Babes

 T working on a new piece called “Floodtime.” 2:20

 I sat mouth opened with astonishment as I watched this little boy play the piano. His accomplishment reminded me of a few facts – children can begin learning sooner than many of us think, it can be difficult to understand what children can do unless we expose them to positive endeavors, the greats of the past had fewer distractions than children do today and music education is beneficial in several ways. 495 more words


Loved by Lepidoptera 

Flutterer favored
Flavorful fuchsia-hued flow’rs
What butterflies prize


Family Matters

Recently, I went into a gas station to pay for gas, and noticed that all the employees were Indian. Let me say immediately that I have no problem with that. 300 more words


Wildflower Attire

Asters in the sun
Butterfly bedazzlement
Hillside adornment


Under the Sun Limited Edition Birchbox - First Impressions

As I’m sure you all know, I’m obsessed with Birchbox’s Limited Edition boxes. I’ve purchased the Modern Mermaid, Fall Fete and Home Sweet Homespun boxes and drooled over all the rest. 426 more words

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