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Most of the time, I do feel like my head is a cage of different characters that seek freedom and control over me. Do you feel the same too? 781 more words

Under The Sun

The Return of the Tri-Ostolete

It turns out that, even if you run slowly, you can mess up your foot. And even if you stop running, and cut down on other on-your-feet activities, and go to physical therapy, and acupuncture, and change your diet, and have your own plasma injected into your foot, it can continue to stay messed up. 378 more words


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lopez fitLopez Fit, the new fitness center in my community, has been helping my strength-building efforts with its circuit training classes and equipment. My goal is to do a workout three times a week, but some days, my motivation flags. This latest post by fellow writer and Northwest Institute of Literary Arts MFA Program alum, Janet Buttenwieser, is a new source of inspiration for me. I bet her essay, “The Return of the Tri-Ostolete” will fire up others, too. And for more of Janet’s beautiful, thoughtful writing, check out Laws of Motion, recently published in the online journal, Under the Sun. Janet’s piece is the epitome of the journal’s guiding philosophy: "An essay is a short piece of prose in which the author reveals himself in relation to any subject under the sun." ~ J.B. Morton [caption id="attachment_23005" align="alignright" width="225"]2013-05-27 14.49.03 Janet Buttenwieser at the finish line of Lavaman Triathlon, 2013.[/caption] Thank you, Janet, for permission to re-blog your post. I’ll keep lifting, pressing, and stretching in solidarity as you train for the Team Ostomy United Triathlon in August.

Sweet-Scented Greeting

Welcoming blossoms
Emblazed leafy green backdrop 
Crimson by the gate


Hibiscus Physics

Achromatic hue
Sunbeam wavelengths reflected
Rose of Sharon shines


Just Over the Hill 

Clark Mountain north side
American River vines
Wine country neighbors



Okay, this is my favorite cartoon created by MondoMedia. This is about some animals in their own community, living their lives, facing their conflicts, and die in their gruesome deaths. 122 more words

Under The Sun

Punica Granatum Groove

Pomegranate blooms
Ancient Persian cultivar
Fesenjān foretaste