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Botanical Radiance 

Iconic blossom
Poppy absorbs all but gold
Gaia’s Midas touch


Equinox Abuzz

Blossom painted skies
Western Redbud artistry
Animated pink


The Art of Waiting

I was never a master in the art of waiting. For years, the sooner I could get hold of what I want, the better. I wouldn’t say that I’m a go-getter. 312 more words

Under The Sun

Towering Arborescence 

Blue oak going green
Branches once bare come alive
Favored haunt of birds



A true story about Iranian Revolution of 1979 which I witnessed it. This is when the Mullahs and Islamic Regime took over the beautiful Persia! This revolution was the cause of all the terrorists acts and everything horrible like Osama Ben Ladin and ISIS that came afterwards! 233 more words


A Flowerful Arrangement 

Daffodil bouquet
Sun’s golden beams in a vase
Still life point of view


Let’s talk weather

Having grown up in Denmark and lived for almost four years in England one of the things I inevitable always wind up talking about – at any given spare moment – is the weather. 716 more words