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Favorite Movies of 2014

Here it is, two months after anybody might possibly care: my favorite movies of 2014. Needless to say, it was a busy, busy January and February for me. 1,895 more words


What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

At the moment, the question would have to be, “What made you stop eating meat?”  That’s because this coming Tuesday would mark my fourth week of going vegetarian.  

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Daily Prompt

Film Review: Under The Skin

Ah, Under The Skin. We meet again.

If you’ve never seen this film, or have only seen it once, I would highly recommend watching or rewatching it. 515 more words


The Movies We Loved in 2014 -- By Friends of the Blog

We don’t tune into awards shows to be told what the best movie is. That’s not why they’re so popular. We tune in to disagree, to do it with friends and family around us, because the real show that night is what’s happening in front of the TV – it’s your arguments for and against the choices being made. 5,016 more words


The Best Moments in Film: A family drowns at a beach in Under the Skin

I came out of the theater in a mix of frustration and puzzlement back in the summer of 2014. Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin was, and still is, many moons later, a difficult film to embrace.  867 more words


Getting ‘Under the Skin’ of science fiction, gender and sexuality

Genres are malleable. They can transform or expand their scope and they can bleed into each other so much that solid definitions become troublesome. From that perspective, it is best not to define a genre as a specific thing but rather a set of always expanding elements that, when used on their own or in conjunction with other elements, can achieve a narrative aim. 1,818 more words