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Between the eyes

Dear Mother,

J’Zhirr aims for the draugr’s head. The arrow flies straight and true, hitting the draugr right between the eyes. Normally an injury like this will kill most people. 56 more words


Rust Tinted Blood

scrubbed and scented she entered his chamber
told by the whispers of silken gown
his eyes were directed towards the fire
stroking his shoulder she sat herself down… 182 more words


Life After Death

Much wailing and moaning attended the funeral. Such a display would lead one to assume that the deceased would be sorely missed, but a careful survey of the attendees revealed that most of the mournful noises proceeded from the several banshees and zombies scattered throughout the room. 255 more words


Age of Fear: The Undead King, This Legendary RPG Launches Today On Steam

With E3 already nothing more than a distant memory, it is time to stop dreaming of tomorrow and to focus on the here and now of gaming! 149 more words


#FREE: The Dead of Penderghast Manor - June 25th to June 29th!

What would you do if you knew the Dead could talk?

For Chester Penderghast, it’s not the easiest of questions to answer…

Ensconced in the basement of his family’s mortuary business is the last place he wants to be, but when the conversation starts flowing, Chester’s the only living person who can hear it. 69 more words


Michigan Avenue

The day passed as the group walked along Michigan Avenue.  The group walked slowly.  They kept a five pace distance between each other to avoid noise.   503 more words

City Of Zombies

Why I Fear for "Fear the Walking Dead"

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: I’m a zombie fan. I mean part of my blog is devoted to this genre. So, why is it I can no longer drum up any enthusiasm for… 242 more words