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Undead Legacy

Readers of hardcore horror and zombie fiction, Undead Legacy is now Available on Amazon!!! :)

You stir early, removing your head from the beaten pillow. Your home is silent. 211 more words


Want Some Bad Advice?

No, I don’t really either.

First, my apologies for standing you up yesterday. Just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Second, my submission for Thesaurus Thursday:

Helena’s fingernails dug into the palms of her hands.

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Fox's Concepts: Invisible Assailants

“You know you saw them but no-one ever listens
They’ll be long gone by the time the sun has risen
You feel ‘em lurking, hear ‘em howling in the shadows… 2,732 more words


Simple Humans

A vampire leapt from the building and fell toward the survivor’s.  Erik saw it and instantly recognized it was heading to hit the group.  “Separate!”  He shouted loudly and pushed Patrick forward.   820 more words

City Of Zombies

(…) A hint of motion beyond the golden-arched doorway leading to another and somewhat similar room. As I approached the arch I began to perceive the presence more clearly; (…) I beheld in full, frightful vividness the inconceivable, indescribable, and unmentionable monstrosity which had by its simple appearance change a merry company to a herd of delirious fugitives.

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Teaser Tuesday: On the Edge

Teaser Tuesday post for 24 March 2015
from On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

Georgie's lips shaped one quiet word. "Bye."

A faint sound emanated from the semicircle as if the undead who couldn't breathe exhaled in unison.
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Teaser Tuesday

Why Zombie?

I was sitting down to catch up on a few episodes of The Walking Dead (I hardly ever get to watch anything the day it comes out. 691 more words