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The Art of Coughing

It was a rough night. It’s hard caring for another sick person when you aren’t feeling so great yourself. Carys has a cold. That’s all it is, just a cold. 627 more words

Life With A Special Needs Child

Cave Drawings

This morning I sharpened my pencil
in expectation of words.

Little boats came instead,
while antelope gathered upon a white hill
to stare – cave drawings… 12 more words


Dream Journal #2

I was in my room. It was during the exam period for my IBs. I had been revising History for a few days, starting to get the hang of it. 94 more words


No Wrong Way To Remember

The other day I was talking with a friend about dreaming logs and he offered me a glimpse of his journal. The dark leather-bound book filled my outreached palms, a slim steel buckle guarded its contents. 327 more words


God And Punishment

How common is it to hear that God is punishing us for either our wrong doings in this life, or those we supposedly inherited from the first molded human beings, Adam and Eve? 1,606 more words

It Speaks

The Ego

We shouldn’t underestimate the power
of the ego and its ability to change
things around to suit its purpose,
which is to survive!


Ho'oponopono: An ancient technique of problem solving

Ho’oponopono is a central practice in the community and in the family of old Hawaii. It is the best way to resolve conflicts and imbalances. 705 more words