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Man dies after being pulled from waters off Nanakuli

A man died Monday after being pulled from waters off Nanakuli.

Crews received the call at around 2:30 p.m. at a beach off Mohihi Street. 69 more words


Baseball player Matt Shaver of Johnston (Iowa) loses consciousness, hospitalized

A Johnston baseball player lost consciousness and required emergency services and resuscitation at the field during a home doubleheader Monday.

Senior first baseman Matt Shaver was outside the dugout during the second game against Marshalltown when he suddenly lost consciousness. 440 more words


Unconscious reliability

Experience and knowledge can sometimes blur and impede creativity. Thus it is more reliable to consult the unconscious mind for new ideas. In fact, Einstein believed his creativity (and ultimately the conception of his theory of relativity) could be attributed to his late development of speech, requiring him to see the world and interpret it visually, without translating it into the constrictive mode of language, for longer than most children. 73 more words

The Importance of Definitions in Culture

Words are, first and foremost, tools of definition for society. Reductionist Marketing will utilize and alter definitions in order to define behavior or express ideas that would otherwise lose impact. 305 more words


Desire, action, achievement

I discover what I want, when I observe what I do. That is, the desires I actually act upon are opaque to me until I look back and see what I have done, where I have gone. 388 more words

New Life

PEOPLE: Man passed out on tube

What do you do if you see somebody passed out on the tube? You don’t know if they’re sleeping, ill or drunk and unconscious… are they even still breathing? 184 more words


You can take away my innocence, take away my meaning, obliterate my dreams, break my heart, damage my pride, destroy my ambition, kill my sense of adventure, preclude me, abuse me, ignore me, hate me, banish me, try to erase me, silence me, confuse me, prevent me, try to exorcise me, try to expunge me, steal my words, pollute my thoughts, live rent free, deny me, vanquish my aspiration, drain my energy, suffocate my growth, beat me, block me, poison me, judge me, dispense of me, reduce my pleasure, blacken my name, punish me for as long as you deem necessary, weaken my resolve, increase my fear and reduce my ego, but I guarantee you one thing…YOU WILL NEVER FORGET ME…for I will always live in your unconscious.

Death And The Future