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                           The Benefits of Working with a LOVE Coach

I remember when I felt like there was no momentum in my love life. I started to feel like something was “wrong with me”, because, I never experienced being in… 589 more words

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Flight From Chicago Makes Emergency Landing After 3 Passengers Lose Consciousness

CHICAGO (CBS) — It was a flight they’ll never forget. Terrified passengers on a flight from Chicago to Connecticut took 28,000-foot nosedive on Wednesday, as their plane made an emergency landing after three people on the plane passed out. 268 more words


Personality Theory: Sigmund Freud's

(Stages of Development)

Sigmund Freud is known as father of psycho-sexual theory of development. He was born in 1856 in Austor-Hungarian, to a family of merchant. 321 more words

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Freud's Effect on Christian View of Homosexuality and Its Implications

Sigmund Freud is a controversial figure. Beside his theories of the unconscious and Oedipus’s complex, many people don’t know that he played a large role in how Christian perceived homosexuality in the 1980s and 1990s. 369 more words


I Deserve Day Off

So the past few weeks I’ve been studying everyday full time, Since I’m Jobless for a months now, I spent most of my time either studying, writing code, and working out. 108 more words

‘I don’t like and even resist, being broken wide-open. But, when the contents of my unconscious self spill out of me and I sift through all the disowned parts of who I am… it’s an uncomfortably enlightening and eye-opening experience. 25 more words



The depth of my unconsciousness is unknown to me

Because it is unconscious

But I fear that it may be shallower than it should

If the ocean is deep… 101 more words