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like He loves. (painting the 'right' love to thee)

To: my loved one (s)

I’m not trying to increase in my love for you

nor am i trying to suppress my love for you… 258 more words


toothless smile

They have this look…
the one that the ones who love unconditionally have.
We can’t see her eyes in the first pic but we recognize the way she is looking at her beautiful baby. 62 more words

Family Photography

Loving Fearlessly

I want to love fearlessly.  I want to love without questioning what might happen.  Without fearing separation or abandonment.  I want to love with the love that Jesus has for me.  589 more words

Woe Is Me

Someone I have recently mentioned due to their unfortunate taste in men and unfavourable luck with various different situations has been having Agony Aunt Passionately Unpredictable help them. 435 more words


Just for u.

There have been times,
Times when your essence,
Has robbed me off me,
Making its own kind of sense…

In your dark times,
In your moods blue, 179 more words


Kepada lelaki yang kupanggil Ayah

Teruntuk lelaki separuh abad yang namanya selalu aku sebut disetiap sujud, yang rela keringat disekujur tubuhnya jatuh hanya untuk kami (aku, ibu dan adik-adik).

Ini aku anak perempuan pertamamu .. 455 more words

Astounded Saliva

Love is like recovery; hate is like addiction.

The former requires mindful, hard work to practice 24/7/365/unconditionally. . .

But ultimately, is so much more rewarding than the latter – which over time, will eat your soul from the inside out, and irreparably damage those closest to you. 218 more words

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