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In his Arms..

By God’s grace let me touch him forever

My breathe quick and paced waiting for

the day I stay in his arms…

I wait for him endlessly like I have always done… 108 more words


Calling Mission Control

The process of letting go of resistance can make me sleepy, so I’ve taken several naps since yesterday. It could also be a way for my higher mind to communicate with me through my dreams. 108 more words



Times have been hard 

Occasionally I’ve felt unloved 

But I can’t lie 

Nor can I deny 

There’s nobody above. 

Every time I’ve cried 

She’s turned it into a smile… 33 more words

What is faith? 

Faith is…

1. Depending on God to meet your needs – and still counting your money. JESUS counted the five loaves and two fish and knew how many baskets of leftover food was collected at the end of the day. 220 more words


Drabble on Love

My love is fiercely complete and loyal.

It is always and forever.

It is unwavering, unconditional, and unquestioning.

It bends its knee to no one… 51 more words



You were never hard to love,

only hard to learn.

I wasn’t the best student,

but I never skipped class

You weren’t the best teacher, 19 more words