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Unconditional love...

I really dislike this term.

I’ve been arguing with friends in recent weeks. Your love for your boyfriend is not ‘unconditional’. That would mean there are no conditions. 131 more words


Prom 2K15

Prom was this past Friday, & my boyfriend looked so very attractive! He’s the sweetest, most down to earth person I know. & I thought it would be sweet to write a little bit about how he makes me feel. 533 more words

Long Distance


Have you ever needed to express yourself so badly that it hurt, physically hurt? Is there ever something you needed to say, write, sing, dance, paint, play so desperately that it’s consuming your every thought? 908 more words

Day To Day

Start Here

You are loved.

You are loved whether you get good grades or not.

You are loved whether you went to a good school or not. 302 more words


Friendship: A reflection

Hm, let me start a little differently. Let me add pretext to an already jumbled up story. 

I have a group of friends, guys, who are kinda stapled onto the forefront of my mind. 318 more words

Dear Gabi, (3)

It’s been a while. I still miss you so much, and yes I do understand how creeper-ish I’m being.

I’m living my life all la-dee-da and going on with my day and then suddenly I’ll see something or hear something or think of something that reminds me you and it hurts. 524 more words