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4 Days and counting...

Ahhh, hope and fear. Fear and hope. Two extreme opposites of the spectrum and I just don’t know which one will prove true. So I’m trying to remain balanced, sitting in the middle, accepting that whatever the outcome, it’s for the best, that I can’t ‘push’ it to go one way or another. 286 more words

Twin Flames


May 26

In a world of unrelenting changes, I am the One who never changes. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. 146 more words

May 2015

What's 'fair' in an open relationship?

My partner’s straight and I’m bisexual. We’ve been together nearly ten years and have recently decided to have a threesome with another woman (not our first by any means but definitely our first for a long time). 479 more words


Thought of the Day: The Unknown

We cannot always choose the cards we are dealt, the struggles we are thrown, or the tidings we are blessed with. The unknown is terrifying, so much so that we sometimes hide from it. 50 more words


Ripples of sapphire mist caress
the ineffable surface of eternity;
– echoes of this silent place reach
those who dream with open eyes;
a sphere that reabsorbs its own light… 36 more words


Between the Spheres

This is what it looks like, in the one hand

Between the Spheres

I try to wrap my mind around it.

An attempt to connect the two – a keen accomplishment (perhaps unique to all the world of humans) – of right knowing what left is doing, and vice-versa. 236 more words



Toward the tail end of my college career, I faced nothing but uncertainty. And as my parents continue toward the rocky road of heartbreak, I am faced with the unsettling feeling of this uncertainty, for everything I relied on to be stable no longer is. 125 more words