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Motivation Formula #4 - Say NO MORE to pain, hurt and uncertainty

How many times we have to endure the hurt that was given to us?

How many times we have to avoid pain? It keeps coming! It will never stop… 32 more words


Just a while ago, my sofa set was rocking gently like a swing. Although I had initially dismissed it, the scenario eventually became pretty much clear. 248 more words


The Haystack Gets Bigger

During a phone conversation earlier this week, my mom told me that my cousin had left Montego Bay and returned home to the States.

It’s a good thing I kept my expectations low –  turns out she never visited our great-aunt Milda. 645 more words


How to Know You’re Truly Ready to Be a Father

Wristwatches and Radios is a testament to our passion for fatherhood, fidelity, culture and creativity. A common question that we often encounter is how you know that you’re truly ready to be a father? 2,540 more words


Old Spark

Composed 4/24/15
Description: n/a

Old arguments stirred at a new time and place
Does space make it any different?
I relive that stress, frustration, then relief… 21 more words



the room was full of unfamiliar faces
unrecognizable by any memory I hold dearly
and amidst the crowd yours is the only face that stands out… 116 more words


Standing on Stepping Stones.

I’ve missed this output for my often un-planned disorganised wine assisted deliberations, and i’ve missed the late night free falling of thoughts onto this space that is attached to me. 388 more words

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