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Break These Uncertain Chains

I’ve sat and waited, for my dreams to be elated
Moment on, moment again, handcuffed by uncertainty
And with burst of energy, will soon find power to break free… 115 more words

Daily Prompt

Happiness Is A Choice Pt. 2

I guess the purpose of the last post was not so much that I quit my job, but that I’ve chosen happiness. It’s pretty cool when you realize you actually have the power to do anything. 66 more words

Short Stories

Letting Go - of Everything

Nearly two years ago, I began to go through some really challenging internal struggles which resulted in my losing faith in my religion, deleting my Facebook account, … 868 more words

Finding Happiness

Periods of Uncertainty

In the last few years, I’ve noticed that I often go through seasons of certainty and seasons of uncertainty, mainly when looking at future plans or decisions. 486 more words


Global warming slowdown probably due to natural cycles, study finds

The Guardian newspaper finally facing up to climate reality? Well, after a fashion. Their global warming can may have been kicked down the road for a while, that’s all. 477 more words


Nothing to lose

As I near what is commonly known as “retirement age”, dreams, fantasies, and desires for the futureĀ invade my thoughts frequently.

I don’t really know what retirement would mean for me, as I don’t have near the amount of savings that I would have had had I lived a “sensible” life. 443 more words