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2:18 a.m.

It’s 2:18 a.m.. The young woman closes the lid to her laptop after finishing, yet another, message to a stranger on the Internet. “Why do I do this?” she thought to herself. 1,177 more words


Open Submissions are HERE!

Interested in publishing your written or illustrative works? I have a slew of jobs posted and open in the section labelled: Opportunities. This is under the uncaffeinated PRESS area of the blog. 54 more words


News and a Treat!

So…I’m finishing the ending and edits for Caged Killer tonight. Hoping I may send for review through CreateSpace as well. In the mean time, here’s an excerpt from my next project: Dust Devil. 257 more words


The Winds of Change and a “Brief” Hiatus

Howdy folks,

Sorry to drop off the face of the blogosphere for a stretch. I’ve been interviewing, like a mad person, for a few jobs over the past two weeks. 564 more words


Infinite Passion

It’s in our blood, la familia. Everyone understands their place, the respect they must give, and the love that builds a collective warmth for all to embrace. 156 more words


1984? Not really...

In response to this and many articles like it: Facebook Messenger Hubbub

We’re all so reliant of our technology, so we don’t think twice about where our data/information may end up. 103 more words


My Heart Goes Thump

My heart goes Thump
If I hear your name – Thump
If I see your face – Thump Thump
If you touch my hand – Thump Thump Thump Thump… 77 more words