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And so it begins...again...

Howdy folks!

My work schedule is becoming more consistent and actual time to write is coming about. That being said, I have returned to the “Butterfly” sequel: Delia Meets the Duggans. 148 more words


Long Time No See...

Yes, I disappeared again. The past few months have been filled with live planning and work, yes WORK. While they have mitigated my time writing, these activities have been very necessary and MUCH needed changes. 505 more words


2:18 a.m.

It’s 2:18 a.m.. The young woman closes the lid to her laptop after finishing, yet another, message to a stranger on the Internet. “Why do I do this?” she thought to herself. 1,177 more words



Ok, folks. Not that we need an excuse to grow our beards, but who’d like to do it for a cause?!?! Septembeard,¬†founded by a… 98 more words


Nice article and I swear we're still here!

Howdy folks,

Apologies for delays with posting content. uncaffeinated.net (i.e. -Me) is moving to Buffalo. I’ve been a little distracted with preparations for the move and getting established. 76 more words



Howdy folks. We’re taking a literary break today to give a shameless plug…

LootCrate, if you’re a geek, nerd, dork, or just enjoy pop culture, you’ll want to subscribe to this service. 147 more words


Open Submissions are HERE!

Interested in publishing your written or illustrative works? I have a slew of jobs posted and open in the section labelled: Opportunities. This is under the uncaffeinated PRESS area of the blog. 54 more words