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David J. Morris Quote.

Could a war be really called a war if nobody back home gave a shit about it. In time my resolve to hate the country I once served, a fat sheltered land with its surplus of riches, it’s helicopter moms and real estate agents, narrow minded, smug, and only dimly aware of lives other than their own. 17 more words



Do you have doubts? What are you doubtful about? Do you think doubts take you to knowledge? Please feel free to explore what doubts clarify and mention it here at magical convo.

Benefit Of Doubt


I don’t honestly have too much to say about tonight’s blog entry.

Except that I was particularly impressed by the individual levels of concentration so unknowingly demonstrated by these two elderly gentlemen whom I spotted; both sitting back to back on the extreme corners of this street bench in Chichester. 190 more words

The Streets

The effect of change

What can you do to help stop the undemocratic deal of the TPP?

First,  you can come to the upcoming rally’s, schedule linked here

our rally’s are legal protests in public places that fiercely stand against the TPP. 146 more words


Just the Facts

The Trans Pacific Pipeline is a huge trade deal between the U.S. and 11 other countries. The countries taking part in the deal all border the Pacific ocean. 170 more words


So Tomorrow, I Have An Appointment With The Psychiatrist

Just the back story, for those unaware. I went to one in 2012 for anxiety and panic attacks, and it blew up in my face into a full-scale personal armageddon. 78 more words


Here is a sneak peek of one of my poems of late.

The world nips

at my heels

urging me to stay

to stay unaware…

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