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How to achieve total Unagi in traffic

I’ve driven the I-5 stretch between Tacoma and Federal Way over 5,000 times. I’ve learned a lot of things I wish I didn’t know. Things I wish went into more useful skills. 1,238 more words


Dragon Roll, hi-def

Dragon roll, hi-def. avocado and Unagi. Ross from #Friends – anyone? #Bueller ? #byob #bluefin2 #sushi #sashimi #specialtyroll #unagi #eel #avocado #eelsauce #californiaroll #whitetiger #nomnoms


There is a famous unagi restaurant in Nara, called 江戸川. If you are a unagi lover, and you visit Nara, then you shall go and try! 66 more words


Kasumi Japanese Cuisine

I love japanese food since I was young…

So naturally, I will hunt for japanese food wherever I go…

One of the nice japanese restaurants in Alor Setar is Kasumi Japanese Cuisine: 87 more words

Alor Setar

Swimming Sashimi


I found the Tsukiji Fish Market to be an odd curiosity for the amazement it seems to inspire in its fellow reviewers. I thought my dad would be interested, given our life revolves in seafood. 712 more words


Hitsumabushi @ Maruya (February 2015, Nagoya)

One of the things one must eat without fail when in Nagoya is Hitsumabushi.

Hitsumabushi is an Unagi (Freshwater Eel) dish served with rice in a big wooden tub which is eaten in stages. 170 more words


Unagi Akimoto (June 2014, Tokyo)

What can you say about an unagi establishment that is over 100 years old, where the master stock used to cook and glaze your unagi has survived the Bombing of Tokyo during WW2? 108 more words