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Restaurant Review: Sushi Boat

Location: 806 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Website: http://www.sushiboat.co/

This is one of the sushi places that our family returns to time after time. Not only is the food reasonably priced, but it’s also good. 1,013 more words


Lunch @ Micado

My cousin brought me out to lunch for the first time since it was his day off and he just wanted to spend some time with me. 251 more words


● オススメ 創業 140 Traditional Nagoya food 

昨日から始まったゴールデンウィーク!里帰りされる方、旅行に出かけられる方、予定はあえて立てずにのんびり過ごされる方… 色んな方がいらっしゃるかと思います :) 八幡湯の家族は久しぶりにこのブログを力を合わせてなんとか?続けている三姉妹が久しぶりに揃い家族全員揃ってのお休みを過ごす事ができました🌟 そして、その食卓に並んだのは「名古屋といったらやっぱりひつまぶし!」ということで、鰻‼︎ (笑)

Golden Week (several different National Holiday week) started yesterday in Japanヽ(´∀`)ノ Many people goes back to their home town, go travel or stay home and have slow and relaxing period… etc, during this holiday. 226 more words


Ultimate Foodie: Excapade Sushi, Brunei ♥

Hello, foodies! ♥

Greedy Sis S here. I have decided that this week is gonna be a foodie food marathon. I am going to write as many food reviews as I can before starting work next week. 1,742 more words



FIRED UP. Off menu roll, apprppriately named the Kiss of Fire. Ask for it by name and be part of the cool kids. #unagi #kissoffire #bluefin2 #bluefin2sushi #sushi #sashimi #byob #tuna #salmon #hamachi #yellowtail #tempura #shrimp #unagisauce #spicymayo #fire #notouch

Aikawa Unagi (Tokyo 2015)

A direct contrast to Nodaiwa and Akimoto, Aikawa specialises in Kansai-ryu Unagi, where the steaming step is left out resulting in a crispier finish and stronger eel flavour. 7 more words


Nodaiwa (Tokyo, April 2015)

So this is probably everyone’s favourite 1* unagi joint.

Too bad it wasn’t the case for me. Although the unagi can beat any other in the rest of the world, in Tokyo it does not reign supreme. 60 more words