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Bacon soda's new contender is here - Say hello to unagi cola!

Japan, thanks to its obsession with limited-edition and seasonal foods, has come to be known for its unusual drinks and snacks that come out throughout the year – matcha-flavored Kit Kats, purple sweet potato milkshakes, and sakura flavored hamburgers to name but a few. 199 more words


Kiss of fire or death? Only at Woojung sushi restaurant 

#kissofdeath or #kissoffire ? Some like it hot, some like it hot. Off-menu roll (kiss of fire) available when asked for it. Note: roll is no longer on fire when consumed ☺️ #bluefin2 #formerlyBluefin2 #woojungsushi #specialtyroll #potatocrisps #salmon #shrimptempura #tunaunagi #spicytuna #whitefish #spicy #offmenu

Restaurant Review: Ryuma in Paseo, Sta. Rosa

I mentioned in my previous entry that I really love Japanese food. I am a huge fan of sashimi therefore Chirashi Don is what I order everytime I eat in a Japanese restaurant. 487 more words


Itacho Sushi

Dear fellow tasters,

Sushi is definitely something I would put on the list whenever I have the chance to visit Jakarta because believe it or not, there are no sushi restaurants here in Pekalongan. 439 more words


Restaurant Review: Sushi Boat

Location: 806 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Website: http://www.sushiboat.co/

This is one of the sushi places that our family returns to time after time. Not only is the food reasonably priced, but it’s also good. 1,013 more words


Lunch @ Micado

My cousin brought me out to lunch for the first time since it was his day off and he just wanted to spend some time with me. 251 more words