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Lessons learned from the Sacking of the Summer Palace in China: Diplomacy and Restitution Revisited

One day two bandits entered the Summer Palace. One plundered, the other burned….Before history, one of the two bandits will be called France; the other will be called England…I hope that a day will come when France, delivered and cleansed, will return this booty to despoiled China.

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Cultural Heritage

Pakistan v Polio - will the Taliban emerge as the only winner?

It amazes me every day that in a world where there is such tragedy, people will fight to bring hope at all costs.  Health workers, whether military, NHS, private or community volunteers are almost always at the forefront of offering hope.  1,105 more words

COLOMBO: The United Nations urged Sri Lanka on Tuesday to make sure it had strong systems for holding people accountable, as the island nation carried out its own investigations in abuses during a 26-year civil war. 215 more words


25 Years of Independence for Namibia

This year Namibia celebrates a quarter century of independence.

21st March 1990 – I was too young to vote, but it was a momentous occasion… even if the flag lowering ceremony was about ten minutes late – This is Africa, after all! 581 more words


Responsibility to Not Veto

In America, we pride ourselves on having democracy – the idea that every individual has a vote and the majority vote will make decisions for our nation. 601 more words

Exclusive interview with former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford

Abdulrahman al-Masri – Middle East Monitor 

Former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford ‘Syria needs a national government that has popular support and can mobilise the population to reject and fight extremism’ 2,190 more words



What a crazy 24 hours! I’m happy to say I’m safely in Dakhla, a tiny city on the end of the Rio Oro peninsula in Southern Western Sahara. 1,090 more words