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We are in a war with Islamic State

By Colonel Richard Kemp// Brits were shot dead on a holiday beach in Tunisia this week. To dismiss these and earlier strikes such as the killings in Texas last month, in Paris earlier this year and in Sydney in 2014 as “lone wolf” attacks is self-deluding and dangerous. 711 more words

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In doesn't matter if we want to be at war! If you are being attacked you can't wish it away. The Muslims have been at war with us for almost 1400 years and that war has never stopped. ISIS is just the latest version of what they want witch is a one world order where everyone is a Muslim

Obama Concessions to Iran Worse than Previously Known

Center for Security Policy, by Clare Lopez, June 30, 2015:

To no one’s surprise, the nuclear talks with Iran that were supposed to produce an agreement by tomorrow have been extended. 577 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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Maybe the next concession is Obama will just give them some nukes so they don't have to make them!

Homeland Security Chair: High Volume of Chatter Concerning Possible July 4 Terror Attack

 McCaul said, “It’s concerning. there’s a great deal of chatter, a high volume, if you will. The joint intelligence bulletin was issued to state and locals.

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ISIS is getting aggressive since we are unable to or unwilling to fight them.

We Are All Guilty of Tribalism

You can’t help suppressing your anger when seeing hypocrisies such as the concern for the Rohingyas abroad but no love for the Hazaras and Shias locally, and outrage at Israel bombing Gaza, but silence on Saudi air strikes on Yemen, but is any of this surprising in the least bit? 706 more words