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Tomato Red |Disodium inosinate|

This red tomato is filled with umami, a principle food taste that excites most savory lovers. But in my view umami when combined with tomato sugars and salty glutamic acid of the tomato combined with the inosinic acid creates a synergistic umami effect, heightening the umami taste sensation dramatically.

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Umami Tsunami | Exploring the Fifth Flavor in Seattle

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by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML

Umami Tsunami | Exploring the Fifth Flavor in Seattle

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Flavor Extraction |Sofritto|

There is no doubt that when you think Japan you think of shoyu. The fact is fermentation of foods is one of the keys to extracting flavors and here I use kombu to extract umami. 67 more words

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Photo Diary: A Day in Los Angeles

Today my boyfriend and I went to check out the Natural History Museum in LA and Downtown Los Angeles. The Natural History museum is so amazing. 146 more words


Tasty Tufts: Easy Ways to Improve Flavor

Happy Friday, everyone! Click on over to Tasty Tufts to read my new post on how to improve the flavor while you cook. There’s all sorts of food science and tips for how to apply the information to your meals, whether you eat all your meals in a dining hall or at home. 23 more words

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Easy ways to increase flavor in your food

Whether you’re a freshman on an unlimited meal plan or an off-campus upperclassman, you’ve’ve probably had your fair share of bland or unsatisfying meals. Here are four tips that will quickly ramp up the flavor of your meals, without requiring too much extra time or money on your part. 978 more words

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