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An American take on Irish Ultimate, Mr Jim Elliot

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As befitting for a man who doubles up as a comedian by night, this was a great interview, even, or perhaps because, it was so long in the making.   1,326 more words

Ultimate Frisbee

The Next Few Days

Within the next day of the injury, I booked an appointment with my general doctor, a specialized sports doctor, and my chiropractor. I’ve set up my schedule to see another set of chiropractors at CMCC as well so I could get a good initial diagnosis of what exactly happened. 1,033 more words


Pc Recycling To Save Non

China Electronics has flip into a recognized provider of assorted varieties of kit worldwide. PowerSonic is probably the most versatile battery producer providing major power for handheld gadgets and shopper electronics, and standby energy for different units like UPS programs, solar powered systems, and automotives, as well as alarm techniques, and emergency lighting. 806 more words

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