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Prompt 026 - Stranger

I needed to become friends with strangers.

I ran around and asked as many people that I recognized to have lost last round to meet me in the lounge. 1,591 more words

Ultimate Writing Challenge


Prompt 027: Teammate

            “The answer is density and buoyancy.”  Taric answers yet another question at the trivia right at the bar, as one of Carolyn’s eyes twitches slightly as their team once again got another point.  522 more words


Prompt 026: Stranger

The sound of an unknown language woke Carol up from her light slumber, once sounds of Muse and the other of the man from last time.  515 more words

Prompt 023 - Enemy

“Welcome to the second stage!” The mysterious voice was at it again. 1,555 more words

Ultimate Writing Challenge

Prompt 022 - Friend

Sphinx knew what was going to happen and leapt up towards, long claws swinging. Once she realized that the fence was too high up, she jumped directly on the wall, pushing off of it in order to get higher. 1,972 more words

Ultimate Writing Challenge


Prompt 023: Enemy

She wasn’t one to judge a person from first impression, even though he completely gave her shivers.  He seems reasonable around her currently, probably in the presence of her sister.  874 more words