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A Stalemate Ukraine Can Win

The crowing began before the battle of Debaltseve had even concluded. During the cease-fire negotiations in Minsk, Vladimir Putin reportedly boasted that 500 Ukrainian soldiers would be killed and 2,000 taken prisoner. 1,698 more words


WirePOLITICS: Congressional Ukranian Caucus calls for increased American involvement in Ukraine

By Tom Waring
Wire Staff Writer

U.S. Rep Mike Fitzpatrick and fellow Reps. Sander Levin and Marcy Kapture – co-chairs of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus – last week marked the one-year anniversary of Ukraine’s Euromaidan demonstrations with the introduction of a resolution calling for increased American economic and governmental involvement on the behalf of Ukraine. 191 more words

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Kielbasa Krisis: Poland Central Bank Cuts Key Rate To 1.50 Percent To Combat Deflationary Spiral an (Follows The Central Bank Pack)

Poland is experiencing a deflationary spiral and is cutting their Central Bank reference rate to combat it. Or as Bruce Willis said in Die Hard, “ 86 more words


The Value of Uniate Promises: Junta Reinforces Forces in Novorossiya


Read this. Ever since the Union of Brest in 1596, the Uniates have been a watchword in treachery and deception, just like their Jesuit mentors. 197 more words



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Donetsk Paramedic: “We help everyone. It’s our job”.



On call 24/7, Donetsk paramedics risk their lives responding to calls in the most dangerous areas. RTD joined one of these teams as they rescued and treated the wounded… civilians, patriot soldiers, and junta militants alike. 197 more words


Ukraine: Central Bank to Raise Refinancing Benchmark

The Ukrainian central bank will raise its benchmark refinancing rate to 30%, a more than 10% increase of the current rate of 19.5%. The bank taking this step has been expected, as inflation rates are increasing rapidly and the hryvnia has… 449 more words