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The Rebels

      My brother had his championship game last night at Earl Warren Showgrounds. It was The Rebels vs The Knights. My brothers team, The rebels lost the game four too one. 174 more words

Santa Barbara Hockey

Human Beings Are Not Either Or

I know that it’s just a meme, not to be taken too seriously, but there are so many like it floating around, it deserves a takedown. 120 more words


Woodshop for Dicks - 2/24/15

Take your meanness,

whittle it down to the

tiniest sliver until,

until you can answer

the most elementary

of questions:

what the fuck are you doing?

A poem...

Her lips smelled of naphthalene
His breath reminded of ash
And in this world going nowhere
My entire memory seemed to lapse
But, that was a moment in space… 73 more words


Another archery ramble, mostly for the fact I really, really suck at clustering.

Apparently I’ve got a problem of floating shoulders, it seems. I don’t quite notice it, didn’t notice until someone pointed it out. I have a host of other problems too, mostly summarized into: 122 more words


no energy..2 March 2015

been feeling ugh lately. ugh is not really a word but I can’t bother thinking of a proper word to phrase how I’m feeling so ugh will have to do. 220 more words

Shake It Off (but vent about it first)

Recent sentiments towards people: “ugh”

Lately there are just a few people who are bringing me down, man. My personality is super chill and non-confrontational which can be difficult when you get put in charge of a very large group of college aged women. 289 more words