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I’ve just been so sad lately. Like life’s purpose isn’t meant for me. I don’t want to just exist. I want to have a nice life with the love of my life and an easy existence but it doesn’t work that way. 157 more words

Harry Styles

05thMay2015 - 01:56 PM

less than 48 left now // i feel as though i wrote something very similar right before leaving for the states back in 2013 // this time i’m talking about exams though // 2013 feels so far back now // there’s less than 48 hours left till my first o’levels exam // i honestly don’t know how i feel anymore // am i scared / am i nervous // i sure as hell am nervous // even though the first exam is english i am still worried / it’ll be one huge mess if i end up doing poorly on these // i really need to do well // i need to do well for myself // i just need to do well // less than 48 hours eh // 48 hours is a pretty long time // 48 hours can also be an incredibly short period of time // somehow i’m not freaking out yet // maybe i’m just still in denial // emotions are all too complicated // this writing is absolute shit // how the actual fuck am i going to write something near decent for my english creative writing piece //  i am so incredibly thankful for… 46 more words

Tasty noms.

I just love hotpot.. but I always end up eating too much. It was my sister in laws birthday today so it was a great occasion, and my mother in law is such a sweetheart.. 201 more words


A little help please?

// Hellloooo my lovelies!

Today’s post is actually pretty important (to me), so listen up. When I first started this blog about a month ago, I was inspired by this girl I saw with her own blog. 270 more words

"Would you like to open a checking account?"

I don’t know why
four years ago
when I wandered into that air conditioned
bank lobby
I thought it was a good idea
to use your birthday… 158 more words

Update I wish I didn't have to post

It’s over. I think it is. You know what’s fucked up? That I don’t even know if it’s over or not. I feel like a wasted opportunity, I feel like a failure, a freak that didn’t make things work. 258 more words

I (don't) get along without you very well

The soft trumpet brings sunlight through the window
even when clouds are sprawled across the sky,
and it touches my skin with warm fingers
even when my body shivers in the cold. 47 more words