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Application menu only on maximised windows?

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I know that there is a way to disable global menu. I don’t quite want this as I quite like (at least one thing about) global menu. 173 more words

Why does my Thinkpad brightness control skip steps?

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The problem: there are 16 brightness levels on my laptop, but pressing hotkeys Fn+Home, Fn+End adjusts brightness 3 steps… 530 more words

Active Admin Gem for Ruby on Rails App.


Go to you project file and open gemfile. Add followint gems in this file.

gem ‘activeadmin’, github: ‘activeadmin’ gem ‘devise’

Run bundle to install the gem in your project… 141 more words


Why can’t my Wifi connect or disconnect?

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Wifi connection might drop spontaneously or simply cannot connect. Users on Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 have reported experiencing the problem. 278 more words

Why doesn’t gnome-online-accounts accept a Google “application specific password”?

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I use 2-step verification with Google, so when giving permission to gnome-online-accounts to access my Google account, I have to type in the authentication code as well. 147 more words

How To Make Ubuntu Linux Look Like Windows 7

Windows 8 seems to be giving a hard choice for Windows 7 users, as it sports a completely new tile-based interface. Windows 7 users have to choose whether to learn Windows 8 Metro UI or switch to Linux operating systems instead, which offer better options for customizing. 619 more words


Why Update Manager doesn’t use indicators?

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Informing about system updates seems like a perfect match for an indicator (it could appear or change color when there are new updates). 187 more words