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The Good, the Bad and the Terima Kasih's - Bali

Now’s the time for the traditional end-of-trip article in which I tell you what was good and what was bad. I also give a shout-out to those who have helped make this trip a valuable learning experience, lent a hand along the way, or simply made it fun. 1,296 more words


More Ubud Adventures

Now that I’ve gotten my favorite Bali story out of the way (kidding. Sorry, Ashley), here’s a post about my favorite Balinese city.

Out of the two cities that I stayed in Bali, Ubud was by far my favorite (sorry Kuta). 1,197 more words

When Monkeys Attack (Ubud Post #1)

Not going to lie, holding a monkey was the #1 reason why I was excited to go to Bali. Before this trip, I’d seen a few monkeys at zoos, and that was it, so imagine how happy I was when we drove into the parking lot to see this little guy sipping on a water bottle: 426 more words

Besakih Temple Tours

Besakih Temple Tours

Full day excursion or 8 hours featuring a visit to the greatest temple of Bali. Firstly we will visit the waterfall at Kemenuh Village and observing the traditional technique of tie and dye weaving in Gianyar. 61 more words

Indonesia: Bali to Java

From the Gili islands to the sunrise mountain hike in Ubud to surfing in Medewi staying in bed all day in Medewi, there’s nothing not to love about Indonesia. 599 more words

Rub Me, Scrub Me, Bathe Me in Flowers

I’ve been asked by a few people to describe the town of Ubud; how it smells and feels to walk through so today is dedicated to that. 1,516 more words


The Power of Ubud

Hari itu saya kembali jatuh cinta. Jatuh cinta dengan nuansa alam dan budaya di Ubud yang saling melengkapi dan berinteraksi. Berkesempatan mengunjungi Bali yang kedua kalinya menjadi awal perkenalan dengan Desa Ubud, Bali. 525 more words