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Far Cry 4 [PlayStation 4] - Snapshot Review

On a Friday night, just after Christmas 2014, I was surrounded by the usual gang – Jenny, Erika, and Jeff. The pangs to acquire a PS4 were getting to Jenny, and with much coercion from Jeff, I was finally dogged into taking the leap. 211 more words

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Rayman Legends Is The Free Games With Gold Game For March

Rayman Legends is one of the best platformers ever made and you can download it for free for the entire month of March on the Xbox One. 132 more words

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On This Side of Seven Months: Thoughts on Writing

Yesterday I did what all writers love and dread: I ‘published’ another short story online.

It’s the fifth in a series of short stories that I’ve written within the world of the up-and-coming game from Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment entitled… 987 more words

Rumor: Leaked images of The Division Alpha being played on the Xbox One

Purported leaked images of The Divisoin being played on the Xbox One has us wondering if the public Alpha test is soon to be announced. 86 more words


Player And Commander

Playing a couple games recently got me thinking about how some video games handle the commanding and piloting of crewed vehicles. It’s an interesting subject because the task goes completely counter to a lot of what console gaming is designed for. 932 more words


A Changing Landscape

WARNING: The following is a post that is intended to fulfill an assignment for my convergent journalism class. Will still try to write a normal post for this week. 548 more words


Mechanics That Require Remembrance And Reuse

In response to a few recent games that appear to be lacking in the criteria. This is a short list and thoughts on some stand out game mechanics that developers seem to be ignoring and need to build upon.