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Blog task II - Expand my contextual horizon, part II

I have made a part 2 of this task to add on some ideas of places to visit to expand part of my contextual horizon. 231 more words

The Self Perception Theory - Rebooted.

This is the re-edited version of The Self Perception Theory with the colour taken out as suggested in peer assessments.

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What I Should Have Exhibited

I took my peer assessment very seriously and took all comments into consideration. I did disagree with some of the comments made, but some of them I did agreed with, as stated in my evaluation. 332 more words

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The red squares represent dates, the blue squares represent practical work and the green represents work.

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Wikipedia. (2014). 214 more words

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FMP Evaluation

Final Major Project Evaluation

The Self Perception Theory started as I explored the way I perceive myself in a video art project I had made as an experiment, during the beginning phases of FMP. 1,726 more words

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FMP Final Cut

It’s been a long ride and has been a lot of stress, but I have finally finished and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I cannot wait to see this in exhibition.

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