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Tristin Hopper: For Black History Month, B.C. honours white guy who had nothing to do with B.C.

Abraham Lincoln never travelled anywhere near British Columbia, and had already been dead for a full presidential term when the province was admitted into Canadian Confederation. 624 more words

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The Case for 'American' American History | Louise Mirrer

The president of the New-York Historical Society, Louise Mirrer, argues for a unified American history that incorporates diversity: “The case for teaching American American history has always been strong. 118 more words


Thanks to Common and John Legend a New Anthem for the Struggle for Rights

I still can feel the tears rolling down my cheeks from singing “We Shall Overcome.”  My fellow civil rights workers and I would stand in a circle holding hands and sing as though our lives depended on it – and sometimes they did.  70 more words

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The Advanced Placement United States History test is back in the news again. That’s never good. As a society, pretty much the only time that we pay attention to American history is when it is used as ammunition in contemporary political debates. 2,277 more words

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Freep Film Festival: NO MORE ROAD TRIPS?

San Francisco-based Rick Prelinger follows up last year’s popular Lost Landscapes of Detroit with a focus on the American road trip. The filmmaker and archivist has pulled the most interesting clips from nearly 4,000 rolls of 16mm and 8mm home movie footage from the 1920s to the 1970s to create an American journey that goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 146 more words


Beloved M(X)LK, Raggedy WaPo

Two giants. Two martyrs. One so sanctified he’s made it to Paradise Porn. The other mixedbagged and boutiqued into Niche Noesis. Maybe, for each of them, a second martyrdom. 692 more words


Studying English with Malcolm X

Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21, 1965 in New York City. Here’s a story from Changing Every Day making reference to him. After you finish reading, 320 more words

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