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What a difference a "tac" makes!

Sometimes it’s the copy editor who saves your bacon. Sometimes it’s your beta readers.

Sometimes it’s your mother.

My mother is reading the draft of my latest work in progress, a beauty and fitness book which, of course, you’ll hear more about as it becomes more real (note to Barb: You could be a beta reader, too, if you’d ever return my call). 118 more words

Children's picture books: So few words, so many mistakes!

We’re all guilty of typos at some point, be it due to writing something in a rush, not checking Autocorrect has, erm, autocorrected correctly or because we have something else occupying our thoughts at the same time. 736 more words

Do your dutty

Massimo Dutti is owned by Inditex, the fashion behemoth founded by Spain’s richest man, the elusive blazzillionaire Amancio Ortega. With hundreds of locations on prestigious retail streets across Spain, Massimo Dutti itself is anything but elusive. 105 more words


Writing is hard

The truth of this title is self-evident to those for whom writing is an important part of life, whether as vocation or avocation. They know. 473 more words

About Writing

I agree!

My mom just showed me the best thing. Not only is Pinellas County a great place in Florida (the best dog beach is there) but the sure do love dogs.


2015 Customized Cover Letter Tips #3

A well-written, customized cover letter can move your resume to the top of the pile but common errors on your cover letter can result in a quick trip to the “no pile.”  To avoid the dreaded “no pile”, avoid these common cover letter mistakes. 608 more words

Job Search

Major Goof in Annie Hall Credits

I hadn’t watched “Annie Hall” in years so I taped it, and while reading the credits was shocked to find that Christopher Walken’s name had a typo in it. 76 more words

Annie Hall