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Clean Hands, Pure Design

Mary Douglas’s Purity and Danger examines the cultural notions of dirt and taboo. For this installment of Words Matter we chose a relatively straightforward approach, contrasting visually the two terms from the title and equating danger with dirt. 228 more words


Type Specimens

This type specimen book is effective in its of showing the typeface being used in so many different ways. Its also very good at making a pleasing arrangement of text  by just using the weights of the type. 162 more words


Exploring Typography

This is a brief exploration on typography focused on the name of my blog. Nothing fancy but that’s the way I like it.

I prefer adding some type of image to it. 24 more words

Black And White

Be Yourself

It’s so easily forgotten. We start creating to make the world more beautiful. We start creating to contribute to that beauty. But then we get stuck copying each other or making things for other people and not for ourselves. 18 more words