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Your Personality

What is your personality type?

I’ve done these tests, in the past, as I’ve always been curious about myself, how I think, the ways in which I learn and what makes me who I am. 150 more words


Pretentious Cocktails & Cheeses

Curated by CLAI

PROFIT OF a $22 COCKTAIL: With profit between 15% and 25%, it turns out cocktails are not highway robbery (maybe).

  • The cost of the pour should ring up at no more than 25% of the price of the cocktail.
  • 71 more words
Food And Drink

Everyday I Love You.

A sweet little saying.
If you love someone, you should let them know. Everyday.
It should be the last thing you hear before bed…and the first thing you say in the morning or before you leave for work or wherever you are going… 415 more words

The Slow Typist

This is the first post I have ever written using my phone. Well, I’m writing it now.
The reasons for this are plentiful: for once, I love my laptop and I love tying away on it. 162 more words


5 Things I would tell myself in 9th Grade

1. Waste time. Waste time to learn, waste time to look at the trees for an hour, to paint your walls orange. Make yourself happy. 73 more words


Chin Up Cheer Up

A quick typography thing that I did for fun. I have an unbelievable amount of homework this year so it’s super nice to be able to do something without worrying about marks or critique or communication or all that schooly stuff.