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A Matter of Style

Many moons ago, I took a class to learn how to type.

On a typewriter.

A manual typewriter.

I was one of the lucky ones. 492 more words


Further development.

I felt that my punctuation mark didn’t completely fit, and I was unsure of the straight lines at the bottom. Instead, I played around with curving the edges slightly and seeing if that would benefit the design more. 73 more words

Graphic Design

Making my punctuation mark.

I started out with drawing some lines in illustrator, and I sketched it out, playing with the thickness of the design. I put it against a phrase to see how it would look also, and realized I had to tweak with the length of the dashes etc. 48 more words

Graphic Design

What Is a Supplemental Needs Trust?

A supplemental needs trust is a type of trust that can be useful if you have someone with a disability on your inheritance list. We will look at the details in this blog post. 140 more words

Weekly Typefaces

Every week we showcase 4 free fonts for you to add to your collection. We are always looking for fresh fonts to showcase and to add to our collection so if you know any tell us about it . 96 more words


Twenty four years is a long time. One doesn’t get born and grow up to be twenty four years old. It takes five stable governments in India, five five year plans, five green revolutions, two hundred and sixty four months. 759 more words

Mukti Mantra

Getting motivated!

I’ve decided to put a lot of my focus into writing this summer in order to get myself motivated and feeling a sense of achievement. This blog was the beginning of it, however browsing through an antique store in Saltaire this week I came across a typewriter! 132 more words