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#EngTips: Types of Soaps

I am going to share a random #EngTips tonight. Look at this picture, what do you think these words are about?

Are they something to do with our body? 735 more words


Andrelian Script


The Andrelian script was created by André Rodrigues for his personal constructed language Andrylia (language of André) in late 2013 and evolved into it’s final form in April 2015.

104 more words

Women r simple…. With them… Yes means yes No means yes No means no No means may be But may be means yes & may be means no

— Bharti Bachchani (@BachchaniBharti) April 24, 2015


#the100dayproject FIST PUMP!

Recently I’ve been having so much fun with illustrator CC 2014 and the 100 day project. All of my favourite TV shows are back on and suddenly I find myself glued to the computer watching them all. 46 more words


Time will tell.. It always does

— Adrianna LaCervix (@NotThatKristi) April 23, 2015


❤The type of Bestfriend❤

I remember the day when me and my friend, was eating on a fast food chain….

We were talking then suddenly she asked me… Tatagalugin ko na ah ☺ 342 more words

Please Vote

I have a huge favor to ask! I made this logo to win my mom a mother’s day present of some yoga classes. Please visit this facebook page ( 9 more words