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Afrodisiac- I Tried

Okay, I know I’m doing a lot of music things right now, but I’m listening to Brandy’s Afrodisiac album trying not to break into a dance at Starbucks. 30 more words


Two Years Later

I can’t believe it’s already been two years since you were born. It seems like just yesterday I was on the way to go see my sister in the hospital because she just gave birth to you. 158 more words



Charlie’s birthday’s here.
Each year, no cake or candles—
He prefers his “treats”.


Everyday Poems

Red Crayons

Yesterday we took Quinn on a preschool tour. She was dressed the part, demanding a “big red bow”. She recently requested “bright red boots” and her grandparents brought her some Hunter wellies over. 495 more words

The Road to Being Published

Before we start off, I would like to say that it’s been exactly one year since I started with WordPress! Not this site, but my other one. 333 more words


Today she is TWO!

For the past few months, Hadley has felt two. She talks, so is pretty agile, and she knows what she wants. When people would ask how old she was, I’d say, “Oh, she’s almost two!” (none of that 2,435 months old or “She’s one” business!) I’ve felt content with her age, and not feeling like it’s slipping away too fast or anything of that likeness, but last night- I got weepy! 860 more words


Tabitha turns two

Our little girl is two years old today!

To celebrate we bought her a wooden doll’s house and some furniture – which she has loved playing with already – and took her to the Urban Farm in Hounslow. 220 more words