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395. Celt's La Tène

Welsh brewsters The Celt Experience bring us a rather interesting dry-hopped ale, which is surprisingly full of flavour for a relatively weak beer. Named for the site in Switzerland that was the source of the La Tène Iron Age culture, this fits neatly with all their other beers named for various historical periods and societies. 77 more words

Two Star

391. Slaapmutske Dry-Hopped Lager

A new contender for my favourite brewery name, if not my favourite all time beer name – anybody would struggle to top Flaming Ass Owl –  109 more words

Two Star

389 & 390. Augustinerbrau Munchen Lagerbier Hell & Goose Island IPA

One is a cool and trendy American Pale and the other a German classic, produced by the oldest beer in Europe (a full 500 years older than the USA itself). 169 more words

Two Star

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic

   I flipped to this book in my Kindle library and knew that I wanted to love it. First in an urban fantasy series, with great cover design and an interesting plot? 495 more words


378-382. Manchester Part II

After a pretty weak start in all honesty, things improved in the latter half of the Manchester festival. How much did this have to do with my increasing drunkeness? 445 more words

Three Star

373-377. Manchester Beer Festival: Part I

So! My first big beer fest of the year and we’re not even out of January. This bodes well for another boozy and varied 12 months. 517 more words

Three Star

369. Tsing Tao

The only one of the usual range of Asian beers on offer in UK supermarkets that I didn’t try last year, China’s premier export beer is made in Quingdao (Tsing Tao being an alternative anglicisation). 99 more words

Two Star