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Idea Time: The Thugs and Henchmen of Batman: Arkham Knight [Part 1]

A week has past since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, and I’ve got 100% on the main story so now’s a good time to take a break to see how some of the new stuff from the game could be added to the miniature game. 557 more words

How Crazy IS Batman?

A new fan theory suggests Batman might just be crazy (crazier?) than expected!

General Geekery

Theater: Gotham City is on fire!

One of “Batman: Arkham Knight’s” side missions feature encounters with Firefly. During the encounter Firefly makes some references to “Batman: Arkham Origins.”

Gotham On Fire (Firefly)


Theater: Batman and the Two-Faced bandit

One of the side missions in “Batman: Arkham Knight” involves the Dark Knight going up against Two Face and his men during a bank robbery.


Arkham Knight: Bank Robbery Blues

So I finally ran into Harvey Two-Face’s thugs last night and it turned into a frustrating nightmare once I went to the second bank. I love the new mechanic they added with the money bar, watching the criminals make off with the money added a sense of urgency that kicked me completely out of my comfort zone. 111 more words

Jaxxsin Games

How faithful is Gotham to Batman mythology?

Gotham is hardly an exact replica of the Batman mythos most viewers are familiar with. But that doesn’t mean they’re getting it wrong all the time either. 924 more words


Starving Artist

Not gonna lie, I usually comb the depths of my car seats for loose change about every 2 weeks. I usually find just enough coin for a mexican pizza at Taco Bell, or enough to wash a load of clothes at the laundrymat. The struggle is real, kids.