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A quick thing I did of one of my favourite villains



Line: Dark Knight Movie Masters

Series: 3

Scale: 6 inch

Height: 6 inches

Comments: none


The Top Ten Batman villains

“Expert textpert choking smokers
Don’t you think the Joker laughs at you?”

The Beatles – “I am the Walrus”

How many times have I said…

255 more words


Line: The New Batman Adventures

Series: Boxed Set

Scale: 5 inch

Height: 5 inches

Comments: none


Daredevil Month: Reviewing "Eye for an Eye"

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to cover two Daredevil and Batman crossover comics. Today, I’m covering the first issue I mentioned in yesterday’s post: … 587 more words


my life, my choice! 

Whoever spreads gossip for you, spreads gossip against you. Whoever relates tales to you, will tell tales about you. That’s why I don’t keep in company with two-face people. 52 more words

"Two-Face": New fiction by Philosopagus

He sat in the velvety seat. And stood back up. The sun, fading to a distant point. He closed the shades over his painted window. Yes. 31 more words