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The Frustrating Dune

Late last night I found myself idly flicking through the channels before retiring to bed and came upon David Lynch’s Dune playing on the Horror channel (there’s a commentary in that scheduling just in itself). 363 more words


"Breastaurants" Serve Up Male Narcissism

An internal branding memo provided to ThinkProgress from a current employee at a Twin Peaks restaurant backs up the claim that the restaurant wants to target guys “who love to have their ego stroked by beautiful girls,” and promises to provide an environment “that feeds their ego with the attention they crave.”. 339 more words


In Defense Of: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Part II)

     As much of a fan you are of Twin Peaks, there’s a chance you saw this and exclaimed, “Fuck you, David Lynch!” And you’d be right to. 632 more words


"Let's talk, Bobby."

Let’s take a trip back to the surreal town of Twin Peaks. This time, I want to take a look at one of my favourite characters, the mischievous Bobby Briggs. 726 more words


Why I Love Twin Peaks (Part I)

     I always remember growing up hearing how Twin Peaks was mentioned as such the strangest of shows. It was the first time I heard the term Cult Show. 782 more words


Twin Peaks S02 E04: Laura's Secret Diary

Secrets within secrets can drive a person batty. On last the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” we learn that Harold Smith had Laura’s real diary. 1,322 more words

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