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Dirty old tricks, bring back new tools

Tonight, I get a phone call from a long time friend. Not really a friend, but a long time source that used to pass the greatest of times and was the greatest source of information, whenever I was in need of something prestige and prime time – that was the easy part and the worst way out of keeping my ass outta jail. 476 more words


Comb Over To Kenya

I don’t really enjoy drawing planes and despite that I’ve done it twice this week.

I saw this story a couple days ago and I immediately saw the humor in it. 347 more words

Remembering the "Forgotten" Twilight Zone Writer

Even before The Twilight Zone premiered, Rod Serling said that his new series was one for storytellers. He followed through by recruiting some of the best ones around to contribute their most imaginative work. 887 more words

Twilight Zone

10 of the Very Best Club Tracks from Toronto's Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone first opened it’s doors in 1980 in the nearly empty, factory filled, garment district of Toronto’s downtown, which years later became zoned as the city’s Entertainment District. 958 more words


Preview: Twilight Zone Vol. 3

Twilight Zone Vol. 3

J. Michael Straczynski (w)
Guiu Vilanova (a)
Francesco Francavilla (c)
FC • 104+ pages • $15.99 • Teen+

Ben Chambers is a private investigator at the end of his career, an arc best viewed through the bottom of a whiskey bottle. 180 more words


The Twilight it's OK to like

From 1959 to 1964, Rod Serling hosted half-hour tales that melded sci-fi, mystery and morality tales, usually with a twist. It would prove to be some of the most creative and influential television ever made. 610 more words


Light in the Ocean, But Only So Deep

Life on earth depends on the sun, and the light and heat that emanates from it. It is the base of photosynthesis. But light works differently underwater than it does on land. 523 more words